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New Profile Posts

  1. Ronald
    Started doing the research on the General Dynamics YF16 prototype
  2. PilotTom
    Planning out my next design :D
  3. sqk4477
    Working in ADE :)
  4. Erivelton Santos
    Erivelton Santos Jack737Fly
    Hey Guy! How are' u? How do you load ACES TOOL in 3DS MAX 2017? Im in trouble for that. Can you help me?
  5. Danie Ortez
    Danie Ortez DaleRFU
    Hi, explain me more about the project...
  6. Rob Gomez
    Rob Gomez
    Completed project, UV-4 VSTOL UAV for FSX/P3D/XPlane
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  7. Shariq Chaudhari
    Shariq Chaudhari
    Getting frustrated again & again by FSX SE!
  8. Schröderman
    Another day, another chance!
  9. tgibson
    tgibson scruffyduck
    Hi Jon,

    I was wondering if you are following this thread in the forum:


    I found that if you uncheck the Center to Object box the parking spot is no longer selected (i.e. doesn't turn orange) and so there is no way to find out which is which. Hopefully you will think it a problem too. :)


    Tom Gibson
    1. scruffyduck
      Hi Tom. Yes I am looking at this
      12 Jan 2017
  10. Max_Kaptelkin
    left drom RDS
  11. Ronald
    Completed Krispy1001 Blender2FSX videos and created transcripts from them. Continue my F16 project and implement B2FSX skills into it.
  12. Robert "Robot" Wicker
    Robert "Robot" Wicker
    Re- Engineering Corsair models for BTB performance.
  13. 4l3c 5p4n6
    4l3c 5p4n6
    The only easy day was yesterday... But today is pretty ok too.
  14. 4l3c 5p4n6
    4l3c 5p4n6
    The only easy day will be tomorrow... But today is pretty ok too.
  15. Ian Cunliffe
    Ian Cunliffe rpmc
    Hi Rob - just wondering if you could forward me a copy og EarthProxy.exe? Many thanks - Ian.
  16. manwlo
    manwlo Claviateur
  17. jp123
    jp123 arno
    Thanks, arno.
    I'll try the Library Creator XML thingy if it's not too complicated.
    However, a simple example with the detailed steps would be ideal for a thicko like me.
    1. arno
      It's a quite easy to use tool, so just give it a try :)

      The manual on the wiki is still for version 2.0 (development release is 3.0), so that's a bit outdated I'm afraid.
      21 Dec 2016
  18. jp123
    jp123 arno
    Hello, arno,
    I just want to put a few model files into my scenery with ADE, but the files need to be in BGL format and most files are MDL format. I just need to convert them to BGL. So far I have had no success with modelconverterx, probably due to inexperience. It is an impressive programme, but I have had no luck so far.
    The Export nodel button gives a dozen file types, but not BGL.
    1. arno
      Hi, if you use export scenery you will find BGL as possible file type.

      But if you have the MDL files already Library Creator XML might be an easier tool to just pack them into a library BGL.
      18 Dec 2016
  19. himynameisishai
    himynameisishai jtanabodee
    Hey man, just wanted to personally thank you for the ZBAA project, I have started making it on my own but it is a TON of work.
    Which software did you use to model the terminals?
  20. bina
    bina KL791

    I'm here just to drop a couple lines to thank you for all your efforts to make our hobby more purposeful and enjoyable. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors!

    Kind regards,

    Rustam from UBBB/GYD!
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