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New Profile Posts

  1. paulo
    paulo jtanabodee
    but something wrong, because no animation in the MC a less in FSX. I tested a file your a Post with the name of "Simple.max " and working perfect. Whats wrong I need put Assing Controler or other thing ? Thanks !! Best Regards
  2. paulo
    paulo jtanabodee
    Learning to create scenery, Malacca International Airport (WMKM).
    1. Afuq_aviation
      come work with me pls pm
      20 Apr 2017 at 15:08
      Hi how could I help you
      20 Apr 2017 at 16:24
    3. Afuq_aviation
      message me on ws 01111381467
      21 Apr 2017 at 23:40
  4. James Emmick
    James Emmick
    ADE, Airport Design Editor, will not let me Compile to my FSX: SE Game. Send me a Compiler from the boxed version if anyone can, PLEASE!
    1. Jimm James
      Jimm James
      Hi,don't know if this will help.I have FSX steam, it would not compile. I have laptop with win 7 and win8 on other . On desktop I'm running win10 Ok so I took box set downloaded SDK on win7 laptop installed into folder zipped , uploaded to cloud . DEL SDK in FSX steam version. I then copied and unzipped from cloud and all is working now. Let me know if you have any questions
      17 Apr 2017
  5. James Emmick
    James Emmick
    Hello, my names is James and I have a problem with ADE or, Airport Design Editor.
  6. darrenvox
    darrenvox gaputz
    Really like all the work you are doing for fa2004 and that you are sticking with the sim so many have either left or are still with... Good luck with the Hawaii scenery!!
    1. gaputz
      Thanks! I appreciate the shout out. Looking forward to finishing the Hawaii scenery.
      4 Apr 2017
  7. Deadraque
    Deadraque rpmc
    Hi RPMC, impressive to be able to use it this way in FSX. could i also please have the new HTTPX v2.0 please as i love it!
  8. fleahead
    fleahead Misho
    Misho, how can I contact you?
  9. AxlGon
    AxlGon rpmc
    hello RPMC! I would love to try beta version of Httpx.dll I loved the first version very much, but it stopped working. Thanks!
  10. Jungelace
    Jungelace letourn
    HI Letourn,
    Is this the correct way to reply to you? Thanks for the email. The white top is fictional. For now, I guess. I will look for a bigger one. I have seen it, but I could not find it on my machine. Thanks.
    I really like your repaints. Thanks for sharing them with us. Do you know, does the Air Force have any special paints like the Marines,?
  11. insanegenius
    insanegenius rpmc
    I would also like to beta test version 2.0 of HttpX.dll
    Could you send me a link to a copy?
    Great work btw... :)
  12. Marc L
    Marc L
    Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat
  13. AgileCoast1
    AgileCoast1 kalong
    Hey Kalong, I love your MV-22 0sprey. So much better then the Virtavia/AlphaSim Osprey. I was just wondering if you had a Steam account. I'd love to Jump on FSX and fly with you sometime.
  14. hazzanz
    hazzanz Ablai McKerrow
    HI Ablai,
    I am just starting out on design as well although my first project is an update of an existing airport, KLSV from MAIW. I also live in CHCH. Really interested, if you're willing, to discuss the textures you have for your runway, aprons, etc.


  15. Angel Soto
    Angel Soto rpmc
    I like to get a copy of version 2.0 of HttpX.dll! Thanks!

    Hi, Valladolid from Spains
    1. antaris
      Hello Angel

      Please do not get me wrong, but I'll say it anyway. It is not a good idea to post your email so openly. It is better to contact our friends by starting a conversation.
      13 Mar 2017
  16. jschall
    jschall rpmc
    Hello again, Bob.

    I'd love to get a copy of the latest version of Earth Proxy! Thanks!

  17. Jonah Argent
    Jonah Argent Skinner_11
    Hi ther Skinner_11. How far did you get making the aero AT3
  18. Marc L
    Marc L
    FSX/P3D Autogen for French Guiana (France VFR French Island)
  19. Alejandro Mac Kay
    Alejandro Mac Kay
    breaking my head with gauges developing
  20. Ronald
    Started doing the research on the General Dynamics YF16 prototype