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14 Oct 2007
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    1. hecrowell
      Rpmc..can you tell me if any ports need to be opened in the router or exceptions created in the firewall of windows 10? This is for GE VIEW.
      1. hecrowell
        Sorry - should have told you that GE VIEW 2 and FSX on same machine. Where is the kml that is supposed to be loaded? I have no kml files on my machine that I can find.
        19 Aug 2017
      2. rpmc
        EarthProxy does that for you, as discussed in the posting and the documentation. If HttpX.dll and Compound_Rotation.xml were installed properly, then just double click EarthProxy.exe to start everything.
        19 Aug 2017
    2. manuelfdc
      Punt 2 this GE VIEW windows parameters I have installed in a pane.cfg of a Cesna C172. I would like to send you a picture of it but I do not know how to do it. I am brand new in FSDeveloper. I have not understood the installation description: "create a new folder name GE VIEW within the aircraf't's PanelFolder" is meant this panel folder in the FSX folder or panel of the Cesna C172
    3. manuelfdc
      I have not understood: "First, did HttpX.dll and XMLTools.dll install properly? FSX should have asked you if you are both of those modules." I tried to install these files and did not happen, I think DLL files can not be installed.
    4. Deadraque
      Hi RPMC, impressive to be able to use it this way in FSX. could i also please have the new HTTPX v2.0 please as i love it!
    5. AxlGon
      hello RPMC! I would love to try beta version of Httpx.dll I loved the first version very much, but it stopped working. Thanks!
    6. insanegenius
      I would also like to beta test version 2.0 of HttpX.dll
      Could you send me a link to a copy?
      Great work btw... :)
    7. Angel Soto
      Angel Soto
      I like to get a copy of version 2.0 of HttpX.dll! Thanks!

      Hi, Valladolid from Spains
      1. antaris
        Hello Angel

        Please do not get me wrong, but I'll say it anyway. It is not a good idea to post your email so openly. It is better to contact our friends by starting a conversation.
        13 Mar 2017
    8. jschall
      Hello again, Bob.

      I'd love to get a copy of the latest version of Earth Proxy! Thanks!

    9. Ian Cunliffe
      Ian Cunliffe
      Hi Rob - just wondering if you could forward me a copy og EarthProxy.exe? Many thanks - Ian.
    10. jschall

      Any update on Earth Proxy? Is Robbie McElrath still able to work on it?

      I have it working beautifully with FSX Steam Edition. I think it should be released for all to use and enjoy.
    11. lh777
      What is XMLTools?
      Where to find it
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