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Effective VC modelling with just pictures?

Discussion in 'Modeling' started by seaniez, 6 Dec 2017.

  1. seaniez


    26 Jun 2017
    I'm at the VC modelling stage of my project and I am having a lot of trouble with modelling the walls of the VC with my only reference being pictures. I'm fine as far as panels go but the walls are giving me a lot of trouble because it is very hard to tell the size and rotation of each feature on the walls. Is it simply a matter of being very patient and referencing the picture until the model looks good enough or are there some tips and tricks on accomplishing this? I've been doing some research on the internet on VC modelling but the most helpful series is around 10 years old and it is for a very different aircraft. I've only been modelling with blender for about 5 months so I am still rather new to this, I am kind of learning as I go along.

  2. Heretic

    Heretic Resource contributor

    1 Feb 2007
    Try to get a feel for the main panel's size and position relative to the cockpit windows first and then put in placeholders for the overhead, predestal, seats and everything else and play with their position and dimensions until you get something that's corresponding to the reference pictures.
  3. Paul Domingue

    Paul Domingue Resource contributor

    21 Jun 2011
    For dimensions of the VC panel, based on photographs, an old trick is to take as square on a photograph of the panel as you can find and identify a particular gauge that you have dimensions for (information on dimensions of many gauges can be found on the internet). Using the dimensions of the one gauge you can extrapolate it across the entire panel and beyond. Taking into consideration, provided you have a correct scaled exterior plan of the aircraft, you should be able to create a properly scaled VC.
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