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P3D v4 Help starting to develop for Simconnect

Discussion in 'SimConnect' started by sniperfull, 13 Jul 2017.

  1. sniperfull


    9 Jul 2017
    Hi i am a advanced VB.net programmer and have a massive passion for flight sims . lately i've been interested in developing an addon that uses Simconnect. Is there any good guide to create a base to start developing (so how to make it to work with all simconnect versions and how to even start off to get in even into the add-on tab ). and where can i view all the things that are possible with Simconnect ? (is there any file or program to explore all the things that you could do with Simconnect just like FSUIPC has FS-Interrogate).

    So... most importantly is a guide to start off a project !

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