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FSXA How TS handles (presets) file names and other topics

Discussion in 'Terrain Sculptor' started by FlyingAxx, 18 Apr 2017.

  1. FlyingAxx


    9 Mar 2009
    Hi Don,

    The last days I extensively used TS in order to smooth the environment of some airports I had pimped just a bit. However, I tumbled more than once in a trap Terrain Sculptor offered to me (okay, finally my fault, of course).

    It seems to me the the tool grabs the last used file name and the location where it had compiled to, even when stating a new project. It would be more convenient in my personal opinion if the project folder would be chosen once and then (quasi) static for a project's life time and, even more important, the essence of a project name would remain static (it might be the ICAO or anything else). It happened to me that I compiled a new project being named correctly under the name of its predecessor.

    It happened similar when saving the project file itself by choosing "Save as". I found the former name being set, different from the actual valid name, and this was kinda disturbing.

    What I'm doing wrong, or by asking the better question, is there any way to prevent this?

    A second topic: When opening a project a list of existing files appears, but this list is not visible when selecting "Save as"? It would be nice if in next versions the previous file names would show up as well.

    At last a hint and a question: While preparing the triangulation around a given airport flatten the preparation function "Profile Blend Outline" stopped working for unknown reasons. I needed a couple of attempts before it worked again - finally I changed slightly the position of a node, even far away from the area it stopped working before. What could cause TS to terminate? It didn't crash nor block. However, I closed it and started with the saved file again.
  2. gadgets

    gadgets Resource contributor

    8 Nov 2005
    I am travelling at the moment - away from my development system - and unable to determine what I may be able to do ablout your concerns.

    Please send me/post a reminder in a couple of weeks and I'll take a look at these issues then.


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