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SDK not playing well with others.

Discussion in 'SDK installation' started by Tony Cullen, 4 Nov 2017.

  1. Tony Cullen

    Tony Cullen

    30 Jul 2016
    I have a new hard drive with a new Win7 64 OS and have installed FSX (Gold) with Acceleration.
    Three uninstalls and re-installs of the SDK leaves me using two sets of .xml files.
    One set gives me the SDK modules under the "Tools" menu.
    The other set FSUIPC and other modules appearing in the "Tools" menu.
    If I add any other entries beside the SDK modules to the dll.xml the SDK entries are gone from the "Tools" menu.
    Besides the obvious the other thing that is strange is that I am not being asked to "trust"
    the SDK modules even after deleting them from the FSX.cfg. They are being written back in from somewhere.

    Some registry or permissions issue...?
    Any thoughts are appreciated...

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  2. Tejal Bernardo

    Tejal Bernardo

    21 Mar 2011
    don't should you to delete one XML file? I guess you have to check which one is the working one.
    Fortunatly you had the chance to install repetedly the SDK files. sometimes this make problems in the Windows registry, you could try unistall and delete any entry from Registry.