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Setup Factory (Indigo Rose)

Discussion in 'General chat' started by =Hollywood=, 14 Sep 2015.

  1. Matteusz


    25 Jan 2009
    Thank you! This is working just perfect :) Trying to figure out Default.XML now.

    Regarding scenery.cfg file format, maybe small .bat file changing text format to ANSI would be a solution to this?


    Found this plugin: http://www.mindquake.com.br/software/10-software/plugins/23-encoding
    May be helpful, the problem with setup factory is that it reads only ansi so anything else create problem like you described.
    Last edited: 16 Jul 2017
  2. =Hollywood=


    13 Dec 2006
    Yeah I've tried a batch file to change encoding to ansi as a separate file and then the installer does it's thing then back again, it works fine the first time, but if a new installer adds to the scenery.cfg then it blows out, which is really strange. I've tried both installers and the first time it is run it works the second time it blows out all but the last entries it tries to add. Really really annoying and strange, going to try and look at what has changed in the SDK with XML adding of scenery to scenery.cfg but I don't know if I can make it add scenery installed but not active which is what I need for different user options.

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