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    ADE Development Version 1.79.7475 Available

    has non MSFS development of this tool stopped?
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    Dynamic Lights

    Hi, I am here to ask my question again. Can anybody point me to a method for using dynamic lighting effects and a controller file?
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    A steep learning curve - simconnect to webserver

    hankhank, is your wrapper for MSFS simconnect only?
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    An item with the same key has already been added error

    Is this fix after 1.4?
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    A steep learning curve - simconnect to webserver

    Hi Matt, Yes. My approach would be, local simconnect application (I would go the C# route personally). Within that application, write to web server. Have the JavaScript web client pull from web server.
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    Any chance of a 2020/2021 FSDeveloper "Virtual" Conference

    If it is a MSFS-centric conference, my own interest would wane, but I'm sure others would be ecstatic.
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    Any chance of a 2020/2021 FSDeveloper "Virtual" Conference

    Yes please. I loved the previous conferences and hope that their ROI for the folks at FSDeveloper was positive.
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    Is using google map for scenery legal?

    The aerial imagery that you see in Google Earth can be purchased, but it is spendy. Once purchased, usually through some broker, you have a license for redistribution - commercial or not.
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    Filter Logical Operations

    I guess I should rephrase this: Can we please select more than one category for the filter system? When a new sim comes out, its harder to find information relevant to older sims.
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    Filter Logical Operations

    Hello, As the wonderful resource that is FSDeveloper grows, with new sims and versions appearing every so often, navigating the wealth of information becomes cognitively more demanding (relatively speaking of course). Is there a feature in the post filter system, that I am perhaps missing...
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    A new era for freeware?

    One has to be blind to not notice that the community is head over heels with MSFS 2020. I am reminded that in my earlier years of flightsimming (I got back to the 1980s with flightsimming), freeware was a stronger factor. Now, flightsimming is heavily commercialized and I believe the promise...
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    ADE Development Version 1.79.7475 Available

    Thank you for your reply.
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    ADE Development Version 1.79.7475 Available

    Hi Jon, I can see that you are busy embracing the new sim. Has this activity delayed the 1.80 release of the "legacy" ADE? Thank you.
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    Library Creator X Error; failed to find Prepar3Dv4 XtoMDL

    Hi Arno, I've found that the error isn't show-stopping and my library was successfully created. Thank you.
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    Imported KMZ not showing

    Thank you Arno. That would be nice as this footprint technique lets me reliably estimate building height.