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Recent content by arno

  1. arno

    WED Coordinates in MCX

    Hi, The rounding error between the WED coordinates and what MCX reads from the DSF file are quite small. I just calculated it, but that gives you a maximum offset of 10 cm. Since your reference is the photoreal, are you sure that the photoreal is accurate in both X-Plane and AF2? Did you cross...
  2. arno

    Vertices problem

    Hi, I found the bug, in the next development release the object will export correctly again.
  3. arno

    Vertices problem

    Thanks for the file, I can reproduce the issue on my end with it. Let me see why the automatic splitting is not working as it should.
  4. arno

    MSFS Material with this name already exists

    I have changed the MCX code now, so in the next development release each material has a name assigned.
  5. arno


    You can't add a new node. But if you find a root node of the part you added you could modify the transformations on that node in the hierarchy editor as well.
  6. arno

    FSdeveloper is not very active recenly, is it?

    Actually I think we see more activity here on the forum since MSFS has been released. If I compare the website statistics from the last month with those from 1 year ago, there is around 40% more activity (more users, more visits). I don't know how it is for others, but I don't have the time to...
  7. arno


    Hi, In the merge tool you can specify an offset for the model that is added. So that can be used to align them. But I have to admit that will take some trial and error ;)
  8. arno

    MSFS Material with this name already exists

    According to the glTF specification the name is optional, it seems MSFS doesn't use it like that. I'll add an unique name.
  9. arno

    Model Converter X only half model shown in 3D View

    Hi, If you rotate the model do you see the missing polygons from the other side? Might be they're facing in the wrong direction.
  10. arno

    WED Coordinates in MCX

    Thanks for the file. When I checked it and compared the XML coordinates with those shown in the MCX object placement editor, I don't see a big difference. The small difference is probably rounding due to the accuracy with which it is stored in the DSF file. I did find a small bug though that...
  11. arno

    LOD editor creates invalid model - and bug reporting broken ;)

    Hi, Oops, my memory was wrong. The feature to take the texture mapping into account is still on the todo list.
  12. arno

    Unable to start MCX

    Hi, You might want to check if your configuration files are corrupt. Deleting them might help. Section 2.3 of the manual explains where to find them.
  13. arno

    LOD editor creates invalid model - and bug reporting broken ;)

    Hi, The quadratic error method tries to take the texture mapping into account, but it is not an easy thing indeed. I'll see if I can spot something with the model you attached. Not sure if you expect too much. Years ago I heard somebody say about a similar LOD tool that it is a great way to...
  14. arno

    Issue with GLTF textures display

    Hi, You should see that the latest version can parse the liveries of the aircraft. It did also notice yesterday that the fallbacks don't always work yet, that's because packages sometimes refer other packages.
  15. arno

    AssimpReader:Error importing File....collada .dae

    Hi, The model loads fine here on my machine. Can you post your error log when it doesn't work on your machine?