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Recent content by arno

  1. arno

    Texture and some other issues

    Hi, I'm not a unity user, but different tools use a different origin for dds files. So it might be you have to vertically flip them. Loading speed should be the same for bin or glTF files. Most formats do not store node or parts names, that's why MCX just numbers them.
  2. arno

    MCX Error Message

    Hi, If the path to your modeldef.xml file is correct, this means that the file itself in not valid. For example there is an mistake in the xml syntax after editing the file.
  3. arno

    Creating my own terrain.

    Hi, Which sim are you working with?
  4. arno

    Hi, Exporting animations to glTF files is currently not supported, as there are concerns about...

    Hi, Exporting animations to glTF files is currently not supported, as there are concerns about the authors rights and piracy. MCX has an export functionality for animations, but that is only available at the moment to developers who are converting their own work to MSFS.
  5. arno

    Model Converter X issues

    Hi, To be able to analyze this issue further I would need to have a model to test with. If that model is a payware addon I won't have it and am not able to test it. So if anybody can reproduce it with a default aircraft model please let me know.
  6. arno

    MSFS Using Coordinate Converter for MSFS

    Hi, I don't know if MSFS uses a different earth model, but I don't expect that to be the case. So probably it will still work.
  7. arno

    F-18 Tailhook

    Hi, With which sim version are you working?
  8. arno

    Blacked out objects

    If you switch to the night render mode in MCX do you see all textures as well?
  9. arno

    Question concerning Attached Object Editor

    Hi, You could export only the attach points to a mdl file. Then you can merge that file with your hangar after you have made changes.
  10. arno

    Blacked out objects

    Check which formats the textures use. Maybe you need to convert them to dds. Also check if you are not missing night textures and such.
  11. arno

    Vertices problem

    That's weird. Did you make any changes after loading the collada file? I just imported it and then directly exported to mdl. Which sdk do you use by the way ?
  12. arno

    Ground Poly as reference - Question / Observation

    Hi, Did you process your ground polygons with the GPW in MCX? In that case they will indeed but curved to match the curve of the earth. But that will cause an offset indeed if you try to align another object to them. You can probably best correct that other object for the earth curve as well...
  13. arno

    Vertices problem

    Could you try version 1.5 (which is the development release)? That's the version I tested with.
  14. arno

    Vertices problem

    Hi, Which version of MCX are you using? I tried to import the Canterbury model, but I can export that one to a FSX MDL without any errors. The Ile de France model does not want to import here on my machine from the DAE file, I get an error that the DAE file can't be read.
  15. arno

    MSFS Net texture visibility

    Hi, I see that MCX adds more attributes to the material, I think it is one of those that gives the difference. I suspect it might be the metallic value which defaults to 0, could you try to change that to 1 with a text editor to see if that helps?