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Recent content by downscc

  1. downscc

    MSFS Removing Runway and Taxiway under image

    I've got the same problem at KCRP Corpus Christi, that you commented on earlier. The TIN exclude doesn't help, I still get bleed through in aprons and runway objects from the poorly rendered underlying scenery. Worse yet, it appears my problem is a sawtooth pattern between two different...
  2. downscc

    ADE Brain Freeze - tried to add ILS

    Not exactly correct. I've noticed that when the ILS object is placed as a child to the runway, and the bgl is created and then transformed back into an xml file that the compiler moves the ILS objects to be a child of the Airport object, and the END tag is stripped away. No I am now creating...
  3. downscc

    MSFS rotating beacon light tower

    @GuidoH I sure hope you can pull this off. I've used the library object referenced above and it is just a model. No lighting. I've seen beacons at stock airports but as noted by GaryGB they only blink white. Not white/green flashes as IRL. It would be nice to have a military version with...
  4. downscc

    Official Airport to SDK project: here is a small app to help you (draft)

    This is straight forward, from your error text: ERROR: 1075, 124, '5' violates enumeration constraint of 'SIZE1 SIZE2 SIZE3 SIZE4 SIZE5'. The attribute 'size' with value '5' failed to parse. Manually edit the xml and change the taxi sign size from '5' to 'SIZE5' Looks like a typical MSFS...
  5. downscc

    MSFS ADE 2020 Development

    Yup, life is what happens when you are making plans. Hope all are safe and well.
  6. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    I believe we could share many interests although our paths are different. I had the commercial pilot's license but only flew a few for-hire flights because my career was in the US Air Force as a communications engineer and my areas of responsibility grew from HF radio (think aeronautical...
  7. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    Thank you for your opinion. I am very familiar with navdata, airac cycles and products available from sources such as Navigraph as a backdrop to my years of actual flight experience (I earned my instrument rating in 1984), The problem that I am solving is that at my home base, KCRP, whereas...
  8. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    Be careful to differentiate between <DeleteNavigation> and <DeleteAirport>. The latter being the object normally used to remove stock airport objects. The problem I identified was with <DeleteAirport>DeleteAllILSs removing both stock and current airport ILSs.
  9. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    Yes of course. My problem is that I didn't add the <DeleteNavigation> object to the ADE20 project, it was placed there by ADE20 maybe? Once I found it, early in my trek to get ILS restored, this was an obvious delete.
  10. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    I have restored the operation of the ILSs at my modified KCRP airport. I have found two things, the first perhaps obvious. DeleteNavigation parameters will delete all specified objects in the MSFS world, for example DeleteNavigation - DeleteAllILSs removes ILSs globally. The second item is a...
  11. downscc

    msfsbglxml - convert MSFS (2020) BGL files to XML

    Downloaded msfsbglxml-1.0.20210217 this date and successfully used it. Thanks very much for this useful tool. I was able to confirm that the bgl contains the ILS navaids (LOC GS DME) but MSFS will not render them if the <DeleteAirport> parameter for DeleteAllILS is true. The expected behavior...
  12. downscc

    Official Airport to SDK project: here is a small app to help you (draft)

    Used first time and want to thank the creators of this powerful tool. All bgl elements within the airport container appear and shed much light on a problem I'm attacking. The stock KCRP has two ILS/DME and one LOC/DME navaids for two runways. The stock airport has one runway and three...
  13. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    This problem returned. Deleting and downloading new fs-base-nav folder didn't help. After emptying Community folder and doing a RESET on the MSFS App, all ILS were restored until I added my ADE20 KCRPmod project to the Community folder. The thing is, I've suffered this problem twice now, and...
  14. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    Jim that is an excellent tip. Logical so I might even remember it.
  15. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    This problem became one of where ALL ILS and any airport (stock, 3d party or ADE20 created) was missing all approach navaids (ILS/LOC/DME) and missing frequencies. I resolved this issue by resetting the MSFS app in the Microsoft Store, which required reinstalling World updates and resetting my...