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Recent content by manschy

  1. manschy

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    "Working currently" will be state of the art for the next decade I fear - but all your work is the proof it is worth hoping for a stable sim some day...
  2. manschy

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Mates, what you have done so far is a milestone in Sim History!!!! Meanwhile, the ships look much better than many payware aircraft you can buy!!! And all over the world and....WORKING IN MSFS, which means, this is a kind of magic currently.
  3. manschy

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Hmm - no difference, to my opinion....
  4. manschy

    P3D v5 Photosceneries and Autogen Packages for the world

    Matthias, do you use the ORBX global buildings HD on it? Those on your shots look very varying, realistic.
  5. manschy

    P3D v4 ETNA RAF Ahlhorn 1950s

    Nice surprice 👍
  6. manschy

    [Progress Update] NZCH - Christchurch, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    Simply WOW - where will it all end ?????
  7. manschy


    Simply brilliant! Just one small critism: Will the parking cars on the parking lane be removed before release ;) ?
  8. manschy

    MSFS EDDN Airport Nuremberg [released]

    Why are you using photographs here? I don't know, why...Oh wait - this is no photograph? Holy.... HOW THE HELL DID YOU CREATE THE TRUCKS???? Everything looks so real.... Outstanding project, mate!!!!
  9. manschy

    MSFS Hahnweide EDST

    World class addon, Stefan!!! Never knew saisonal addons are feasible this way in MSFS! How difficult is it to learn and realise it in MSFS? Outstanding work.
  10. manschy

    MSFS C-17 Globemaster (Freeware)

    Will be my first mil carrier whenever I will change to MSFS for sure! Fantastic work!
  11. manschy

    MSFS [Released] NZRA - Raglan, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    Second shot looks like a real shot of a house on a model railroad! Also the people. This is outstanding 3D-visualization.
  12. manschy

    MSFS Grumman S2F-3AT (S2T) Turbo Tracker

    Come on - this is a fu.... real plane!!!!! Don't stultify us :cool:
  13. manschy

    FS2004 Airbus EC725

    Unbelievable that it is for FS2004 !!! Antaris, my deep admiration :yikes:
  14. manschy

    MSFS EDDR Airport Saarbrücken [Release]

    Fred, even if I am not in MSFS, your details are outstanding. You did a really great job!
  15. manschy

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Some boats with way more details than many expensive aircraft models - your work is outstanding. A big compliment to all involved! 👍