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Recent content by mariopilot

  1. mariopilot

    Blender Flight Stick "Bellows": Bone animation

    Hello All, So I decided to try and animate a stick "bellow" with bones, so that the bottom stays put while the rest deforms in X-Y direction. The setup: - 2 bones: one holds the bottom in place, the other acts on the rest (with a gradient weight so that the top moves with the stick, and the...
  2. mariopilot

    MSFS Auto-detect MSFS 2020 Community path

    Hello, Steam: {userappdata}\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt MS Store: {localappdata}\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\UserCfg.opt I have the steam version, and have made an installer myself (Inno Setup) that some friends have tested on their MS Store...
  3. mariopilot

    MSFS Landing effects

    For the landing effects alone (may not be what you want for amphibians / seaplanes): <Include ModelBehaviorFile="Asobo\Generic\FX.xml"/> (...) <Component ID="LANDING_FX"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_LANDING_FX"/> </Component> Provided your landing gears are...
  4. mariopilot

    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

    I have a really annoying one: DEV Mode is ON At least one DEV mode window is open (aircraft editor, console, etc...) operate joystick HAT switch/POV (or wait short time) mouse cursor sent o top left this brings up DV mode menu all joystick input loses focus, no control. This has made dev...
  5. mariopilot

    MSFS Prepare for a major update to MSFS tomorrow

    MSFS general options --> Accessibility --> cockpit interaction system. (The "lock" mode is mentioned in the update notes)
  6. mariopilot

    MSFS Prepare for a major update to MSFS tomorrow

    Your animations are fine @KAI31 . This is the new control interaction mode "Lock". Switch it back to "legacy" (accessibility options). It is intended for xBox use (or other controllers other than mouse). This will cause mass confusion across the user base :p
  7. mariopilot

    MSFS Auto-detect MSFS 2020 Community path

    Try this out, in your CODE section: var SteamOPT, StoreOPT: string; var OPT_Contents: AnsiString; var SteamExists, StoreExists: Boolean; var InstalledPackagesPos: Integer; var TrimTrail: LongInt; function DetectMSFS(Param: String): String; begin SteamOPT := ExpandConstant('{userappdata}')...
  8. mariopilot

    MSFS Interior Lights Turn Off when going to Exterior View and Back

    I reckon having all FX-based lighting disappear at random when having the project open. This included interior lights, connected to a potentiometer. Attempt closing your project and see if it all goes away! Simply load up the project, select the aircraft, close the project... It will remain in...
  9. mariopilot

    Animated Ground Traffic - PathFollow Animation Object

    What I need to try now is to put a collision material around my airplane and see if ground traffic stops just driving through my aircraft :)
  10. mariopilot

    MSFS Blender2MSFS KHR Texture transform problem

    This occurred to me when adding detail UV scale to glass (applies to fingerprint detail, icing map, ....) You can still use the UV detail scale: - Go the "shading" tab - disconnect "vector" of the detail_albedo, metallic and normal at the bottom from the purple "detail_UV_scale" block -...
  11. mariopilot

    MSFS Baffled by electrical system

    Strange, I am using boost pumps. If they kill the engine is because you are not allowing gravity flow. I have added it all across the system. also be warned of #Volume parameter on lines. There is a default, and for me was way too large. Enough fuel in the lines to account for the entire...
  12. mariopilot

    MSFS Baffled by electrical system

    I've had success with the following: 1 (&gt;A:CIRCUIT SWITCH ON:13,bool) Set to zero for off. Shocking, but it works :). I also extracted this from FlightSimulator.exe: CIRCUIT_INVALID CIRCUIT_XML CIRCUIT_GENERAL_PANEL CIRCUIT_FLAP_MOTOR CIRCUIT_GEAR_MOTOR CIRCUIT_AUTOPILOT CIRCUIT_AVIONICS...
  13. mariopilot

    MSFS How to get "<On Event="*****">" out of XML gauge?

    Hello all, I want to get key event reading out of a XML gauge code, as these affect rendering of HTML gauges, and no telling how that will change in the future... so, a XML gauge code like: <Keys> <On Event="ATC_MENU_1"> 1 (&gt;L:XMIT,bool) </On> </Keys>...
  14. mariopilot

    MSFS Emmissive Instruments Control?

    Bad news! It's XML gauges... what I did: - Added albedo and emissive to my $panel material - If only the M803 gauge is present, then all MSFS panel.cfg switches (emissive, backlit, hud) work - If only the M803 gauge is present, the albedo and emissive maps display in the background - If only...
  15. mariopilot

    MSFS Emmissive Instruments Control?

    What did you do to get the gauge to display "non-emissive?". This is the problem we are having. They only show in the emissive channel. I have also tried using the hourmeter form the default cessna, and it goes straight away into the emissive channel... also my gauges background is always black...