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    Push/pull VS knob on A32NX

    Not a clue, ZM. I am only doing "gets" currently. Have a look at DragonLaird's project? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/using-the-simconnect-sdk-a-simvar-request-handler-and-potential-sdk-replacement/369464 He has a few different projects there that may help you to set the pitch.
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    MSFS Are flaps and landing gear max extend speeds in SimVars?

    I am not seeing the two max speeds above in the SimVars. I flew the MSFS longitude for the first time and after landing I had to look up the speed for that jet (210kt for the gear). The reason I am asking is that my gear did not show "100%" in the "GEAR TOTAL PCT EXTENDED". I am suspecting I...
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    Push/pull VS knob on A32NX

    VERTICAL SPEED Vertical speed indication Feet per second TYPE_SINT32 This field in the latest MSFS/Asobo SDK webpages is marked as settable. Hopefully, this helps? Link: https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Programming_Tools/SimVars/Aircraft_Simulation_Variables.htm
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    Hi Norbyx! I was wondering if you could share the entire project that you created, reading the...

    Hi Norbyx! I was wondering if you could share the entire project that you created, reading the Simvars? Here is a screen print of the results I have gotten with my current program. But it needs to be rewritten properly. Thanks! Best, Robert Hopkins
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    MSFS now online sdk documentation

    Get it working, then document it later (if you have the cash in-house). We-don't-need-no-stink'n-documentation! They made the comment in the blog post that announced this documentation, that there would be many updates to the documentation soon.
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    I will head over there and have a look, Roy! Thanks for that pointer (non-NULL). Being that this is a "sim" and they do not have any way of measuring everything like you can in the real-world, sacrifices must or could be made. This may be one of those situations. I haven't tested the N1...
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    I have sent a PM in the MSFS forum to the pilot who has worked with their project. Hopefully, they will take a look at it and let us know what the issue is on that. Thanks, Warp!
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    MSFS Simvars quantity

    Thanks for reporting back on that tweak, Norbyx. I may have to use strings in the future. Could I ask you to update your first post with the corrected code, with before and after fixes, please? I am not good at interpreting C# code... Or copy and paste into a new post with a sample fix. Thanks!
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    As I suspected. It looks like the Working Title CJ4 is using the Corrected N1 variable. In the last image (70% Throttle setting) there is a slight rounding difference going on between the two numbers. I am using the correct variables - right? Or is there something else that I should use?
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    Possible tomorrow I can revisit this in the CJ4. I will compare what values both SimVars return in relation to what the dashboard has to say. That will give us a conclusive answer. :)
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    My bad, sorry Warp. I was starting to see variables all over the place last night. hr = SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition(hSimConnect, DEFINITION_ID_AP, "TURB ENG CORRECTED N1:1", "percentage"); // N1 POSITION I'm not sure about the CJ4 using corrected or uncorrected, IRL or the MSFS default...
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    Create a simple flight data program (Clarion/PureBasic/C/C++/C#/VB#/Python/Yada yada yada)

    Hey ZM! I agree totally about using someone else's code to get started. I used the code that Prepar3DGuy provided in his post: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/sending-input.449574/#post-872974 I have created the working window I posted at the top and it is working well. Is it...
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    I just double-checked it. Using the "TURB ENG CORRECTED N1:1" matches the output on the dash of the CJ4. The "TURB ENG COMMANDED N1" version is about 1.5 percent less.
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    I figured out the throttle position percentage is not the same thing as N1. Thanks. I am totally new to this airplane stuff. I did just make a flight in the CJ4 and using the CORRECTED value seems to match the displayed percentage. Are you thinking it is the "TURB ENG COMMANDED N1" variable...
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    MSFS CJ4 - N1% Throttle Position / Amount

    Thanks for that tidbit, ZenMusic. I didn't see anywhere on the net that 16K scaler represents 16383. I will remember that in/for the future. But, you helped me to look outside of the forest... Those Dang Trees! The number I am looking for is: "TURB ENG CORRECTED N1:1". That SimVar is...