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    MSFS MSFS Brisbane City - Work in Progress Thread

    Grew up on the Goldie myself, so it's kinda home. Looks absolutely fantastic. We just need an updated Archerfield to match it.
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    Are formal 3D design & coding courses worth the money & time?

    So, thanks to the events of this year, it looks like I'll have a lot of free time over the next 6 - 12 months. I was therefore considering taking developing for FS (MSFS and maybe P3D) a lot more seriously than I have in the past. For years I've dabbled with my own creations, from...
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    FSX MDL & 65K vertex limits

    Yeah it does seem a bit strange. The X files that are exported from MCX all have the lower part vertex count of the original model too. So everything seems correct from the MCX side. It seems it’s XtoMDL that for some reason is combining these parts back together again. I just can’t figure out...
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    FSX MDL & 65K vertex limits

    I'm not sure all of the following is relevant or helpful, but I'll run through a test that I have done to try and isolate the problem a little. Firstly I imported the original mdl file, the object information shows the following; Drawcalls 449 Triangles 443304 Texture Vertices 374070 The part...
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    FSX MDL & 65K vertex limits

    Thanks for the reply. I thought that's how it worked. Possibly related, I seem to get a lot of degenerated poly warnings on the same model. Whilst not necessarily the direct cause, I guess it could be a symptom of issues with the model itself?
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    FSX MDL & 65K vertex limits

    Trying to export a FSX .mdl using the P3D v1.4 SDK, and I'm running into the 65K vertex limit. I've read a few threads where Arno says that MCX should split parts to help avoid this problem, but I guess that is not happening in my case. I've tried using the v1.3, v1.4 and dev release versions...
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    MSFS My painted lines are disappearing or disintegrating

    I have exactly the same problem. I have also noticed that my apron color correction (I forget the in game term) and opacity settings are not included in the scenery once built/complied. Maybe these issues are both linked? I was thinking maybe a corrupt .xml file somewhere, but how would I...
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    Control UV mapping of apron textures in MSFS

    I'm trying to place some text on my apron, and would like to use the default colored_marking material, as it already has everything I need. I just can't figure out how to edit the UV mapping so as to select the individual letters I want. There are general rotation and scale options, but nothing...
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    MSFS Correct scenery folder structure

    Ahh that makes sense, thank you.
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    MSFS Correct scenery folder structure

    That helps a lot, thanks. So far, I have a scenery source, and an aerial image source. The output of the image is rather straight forward “\CGL“ But I’m confused with the SDK explanation of the scenery (bgl files) output folder ”scenery\<folder>\scenery”. What should I input as “folder”...
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    MSFS Correct scenery folder structure

    I’ve looked through a number of SDK samples, as well as some tutorials/guides, and I’m still a little confused about the correct folder structure. I’ve see all of the following used: \scenery \scenery\global\scenery \scenery\world\scenery What are the differences between these, and when...
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    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    Fantastic guide, thank you so much. I’ve just one question. The airport I’m attempting to make is missing due to cloud cover on the Bing imagery causing the automatic creation of synthetic textures/polygons to cover them. Inserting my custom imagery works correctly, but the vegetation from...
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    P3Dv4.4 MDL import/export corrupt mouse rectangles in VC model

    Thanks for the offer Aron. Unfortunately the parts in question are part of a larger file, that itself is part of a payware product, so I can't share the modified file. I'm just trying to see if I can get some of my favorite aircraft from FSX/P3D into MSFS as an interim until official updates...
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    P3Dv4.4 MDL import/export corrupt mouse rectangles in VC model

    Was a solution ever found to this issue? I've just run into the same problem whilst trying to convert an aircraft to MSFS 2020. Now clicking the magneto switch, moves the nav light switch instead. Tool tip is for the nav light too. I've also got a cockpit light click spot which takes up most of...
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    Is FSX/P3D SDK available anywhere?

    Ok. I assume this includes the warning about 65K max vertices, as that is what I'm receiving? I was under the impression that the P3D 1.4 64bit SDK XtoMDL fixed this problem. Thank's for the clarification.