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  1. rpmc

    P3D v4 Randomly bright gauges (2d panel)

    So it just turns in a loop with constant triggering. Constant triggering .. oops, you're right. Big apology for that. And a manual Reload mouse click (>K:RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT) which is a guaranteed one time only doesn't do it? Then need to think about it differently...... Bob
  2. rpmc

    P3D v4 Randomly bright gauges (2d panel)

    (>K:RELOAD_PANELS) is what to use if you are running FS9. Try (>K:RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT) for FSX and P3D v.X and see if that helps ... hope it does! Here are two ways to refresh the panel. See if either works. Your comment about seeing the panel lights toggle suggests that gauge 2, the panel...
  3. rpmc

    P3D v4 Randomly bright gauges (2d panel)

    Ahh, that's a good idea, and that can be automated by an XML gauge init sequence without having to manually click a mouse area that fires off a (>K:RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT). I like the idea of momentarily toggling PANEL_LIGHTS better than a RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT. Firing Events in a gauge init...
  4. rpmc

    P3D v4 Randomly bright gauges (2d panel)

    Interesting. I don't know what's causing that but I regularly experience an incomplete panel set load when I start one particularly complex-gauge aircraft in P3D v4. Related to your issue? Not sure, but I "solve" mine by including a panel reload click area in one of my gauges. Load aircraft...
  5. rpmc

    MSFS Gauge development workflow

    Hi, Would you kindly prefix this thread as MSFS. Thanks!!
  6. rpmc

    P3D v5 Two animations on the same part

    This is the Blackbox website: https://www.robbiemcelrath.com/fs/blackbox/about. Blackbox can also output the variables you are watching to a .csv or .txt file so you can see how they change each gauge update cycle. Debugging:. - Use a gauge debug app such as BlackBox, or xml vars from Doug...
  7. rpmc

    P3D v5 Two animations on the same part

    One thing to consider is that (A:SPOILERS HANDLE POSITION, percent) might never be exactly equal to 0.00000000 ... Try (A:SPOILERS HANDLE POSITION, percent) 0.2 < and see if that makes a difference. It's a good idea to look at a numerical readout of variables. Bob
  8. rpmc

    P3D v4 SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft, ITrafficInfo:Filter and SLEEP state

    Hello, How does one create an AI simobject in the AWAKE state vs in the SLEEP state? I am working with some code that successfully creates a simobject using the SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft function but it appears to create it in a SLEEP state. This simobject is a missile, not an aircraft...
  9. rpmc

    P3D v5 XMLTools in P3Dv5

    Interesting. I haven't yet installed my copy of P3D v5 so I'm just guessing about things, my response comes from a P3D v4 perspective, and you may have already looked into the following: Did P3D v5 create this directory? C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 ? And, if...
  10. rpmc

    P3D v5 Reading airport altitude from sim

    Right - those bit shift macros are overkill to store the ascii of an airport Ident in an L:Var. Bob [Edit] Obtaining ground elevations -- Some ways to retrieve airport elevation from the fs9gps database. I’m sure other contributors in here will point out different ways , too: 1. Specify a...
  11. rpmc

    XML vector drawing

    Take a look at this thread which has the basics of moving objects in XML. Beyond that, search this Gauges forum for shift or rotate or widthcode and you'll get lots of hits. Bob
  12. rpmc

    P3D v5 Reading airport altitude from sim

    (L:WaypointAirportElevation, feet) is incorrect because you want the gps variable for airport elevation. Therefore, it must be (C:fs9gps:WaypointAirportElevation, feet) 'A______(L:Airport, string)' (>C:fs9gps:WaypointAirportICAO, string) is incorrect. L:Vars cannot store strings, and even if...
  13. rpmc

    P3D v5 Reading airport altitude from sim

    There are several different categories of airport altitude found in the gps module - center of the airport complex, center of a runway, flight plan departure and destination altitudes. You might want to get familiar with the gps module and how to use it with XML. Hundreds of XML variables and...
  14. rpmc

    P3D v5 Reading of a config file

    Logger is an xml application that can open and read any text file, line by line. You need to write xml that can parse the lines as they are read to extract the value you want, making use of text operators in xml, then store that as an L:Var. XML surely isn't an efficient way to parse text...
  15. rpmc

    MSFS stepping through the C:fs9gps: flight plan

    First off, we're talking MSFS 2020 here and I'm about to answer FSX so keep that in mind, but as far as FSX is concerned, you can't assume that a single cycle skip - one that may be implemented simply as a bool ! check, is sufficient delay to retrieve information from the database before you...