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Recent content by Sasa

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    MSFS MSFS won't accept the runway selected

    Thanks, Dick! To shed some light on this issue: MSFS seems to expect the runway start positions inside the runway parameters (<Runway... <RunwayStart...) while previously I had them outside on their own (<Start type="RUNWAY"...). Strangely enough the latter is still documented in the MSFS SDK...
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    MSFS MSFS won't accept the runway selected

    Not strictly an ADE topic as I created my airport using XML code but I guess this is the place where the airport layout experts are. :) For some weird reason I cannot get MSFS to accept certain runways at my airport. For instance when selecting Rwy 25R before starting the flight, the aircraft...
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    MSFS Triggering Hangar door animation in SimObject by distance?

    Not perfect but I could imagine this being feasible with an emmissive light flashing left and/or right of the doors that indicates like half a minute in advance before the doors are closing. Flashing controlled simply by having the light moving back and forth through a lightbox or the hangar...
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    Create own scenery lights?

    Have a look into the SDK for "light row objects". Almost anything can be done with them by now but you will certainly need a few hours of playing around with the right values and experimenting before getting everything right.
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    MSFS Snow control on runway and taxiway

    I believe there were rumors that Asobo wanted to do something so it can be controlled recently. But I'm not aware that that really has happened yet.
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    Affect of multiple uvw maps on performance

    Hi Guys, Do add to what Christian said there "Icing Normal" seems to support a 2nd UVW map as well. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a material type that supports adding opacity maps with a separate UVW map and material. This would open up quite a few options for adding dirt, noise, feathers...
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    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Very cool initiative, Paavo! I have been doing all of this tiling work semi automatically with Global Mapper etc. in the past but this is of course a lot more user friendly! Yes, haven't been able to get rid of those in some areas neither. But didn't go into in-depth error checking with...
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    MSFS How bring edited mipmaps into MSFS?

    Anyone out there aware of a way to compile materials with edited mipmaps? I'd like to have the 2nd highest and and all lower normal detailmaps "flat" so their details smoothly disappear in the distance. After some experimenting I have been able to achieve with by tweaking the textures after...
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    MSFS Exclude Default Simobjects (Wind Turbine)

    That would be very welcome indeed! It's certainly in no one's interest to make global changes if they can be avoided.
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    MSFS Exclude Default Simobjects (Wind Turbine)

    Hmm... how about an intermediary "solution" where those will be overwritten worldwide with an empty object? In this case this approach wouldn't render your own scenery incompatible with other sceneries. It just "kills" the wind turbines worldwide and each scenery can still place its own models...
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    MSFS Exclude Default Simobjects (Wind Turbine)

    Hi Christian, I guess you haven't found a workaround for this one meanwhile? Just started working on the new project and stumbled over this issue. With the default wind turbines poking out of the terrain like sore thumbs where they shouldn't be (even near the airport), I'll have to cancel this...
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    MSFS Light Row and attached 3d model (heading)

    Hi Christian, So the lights are oriented correctly while the meshes/models attached are oriented in all kinds of directions? I can confirm that issue and as far as I know this has been reported to Asobo already. I tried placing the models as normal models instead but weirdly it is impossible to...
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    bridge taxiway over water

    You're right Dick. When doing some experimenting on this again yesterday again I found out that I remembered this incorrectly. FakeTerrain has nothing to do with a hard platform but also doesn't show exactly as surrounding terrain. Looks like there was a good intention to make this happen a long...
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    bridge taxiway over water

    You need to select "FakeTerrain" as material type for this to work:
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    MSFS adding a sloped hole with terra forming

    See here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/everything-about-cgl-generation-custom-dem-works.450379/post-868225