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Recent content by VADS

  1. VADS

    MSFS custom material problem

    Hi, I'm experiencing a problem with my custom materials prime example as per the attached image is that I've selected the A1 marking image and instead the sim is reverting to one of my asphalt textures, no matter what i do it keeps reverting to the one asphalt texture... has anyone found out...
  2. VADS

    MSFS SDK/Dev mode, replace airport results in error/crash

    I'm trying to create an airport in DEV mode, however keep getting this error when trying to create / replace an airport. anyone found a way around this error?
  3. VADS

    MSFS Slew Mode --> slower and precise movement

    I've just gotten Fs2020 to run on my desktop, however are having problems with slew mode - the movements are too fast and too large, to accurately move around. Has anyone found a solution to this ? to either slow down the movement to be more accurate or through an external application?
  4. VADS

    Can I edit an autogen building?

    At this stage, I don't think you can - were yet to see what the rest of the SDK holds for us
  5. VADS

    MSFS update: getting there...

    I had a situation where my uv map had been messed up - ended up purple in Blender - had to reselect the texture and then it was ok,
  6. VADS

    Blender LOD models workflow

    Thank you, - got it sorted in a few minutes
  7. VADS

    Blender "Lodify" for Blender + Fs development

    I've noticed the blender utility, "Lodify" has anyone used this for their projects?
  8. VADS

    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    discovered that you don't need to restart the sim for the objects to be "live" in the sim. I copied my folder across into the community folder - went to the object list and bang it was there.
  9. VADS

    MSFS update: getting there...

    Ok Texture fixed. ! yeha , now i'm happy.
  10. VADS

    MSFS update: getting there...

    I seem to be managing to get my object to display -! seems though I need to sort out the texture issue - note: it seems you don't need to restart the sim when copying across the package files... it seems to be there instantly. I had re-installed my sim - so maybe there was something wrong.
  11. VADS

    Some useful PBR resources

    With Fs2020 and it's PBR Texture requirements and being new to the concept, I have come across two resources the first is a Public Domain textures website - https://cc0textures.com/ The second is this tool, which is 100% free and I can confirm is pretty easy to use. -...
  12. VADS

    MSFS latest - trying to add object into sim

    Even trying to load the sample Light model, textures are there, and in power of 2, - I'm still getting this ... object also comes up as "unknown" starting to think somehow something has gone wrong with my simulator.
  13. VADS

    MSFS latest - trying to add object into sim

    I've tried all the tutorials on getting an object into the sim and still, I keep having an empty bounding box. I've tried using the tutorial video, using mdl files in fsx mode and still get the same "empty" bounding box - I've even tried a sample model, incase there was something wrong with my...
  14. VADS

    Blender LOD models workflow

    I need to know the correct procedure used to create LOD meshes in blender - is there a menu (like in gmax) where this is done or this a different process entirely?
  15. VADS

    Blender LOD models + export from blender extended Gitf for msfs

    Hi, I am having a problem exporting meshes from Blender 2.8 for MSFS 2020 - the only item not being exported is the model file. I get this error - I've been doing a bit of tutorials to try boost my blender skills, however still seem to have a problem. ERROR: Could not find LODs in the scene...