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  1. bigglesworth

    MSFS MSFS 3d gauges--altimeter keyframes help please

    I'm new to 3d gauges, but am making good progress with my current MSFS project. I've got most gauges I've created working fine, but am stumped when it comes to figuring out what keyframes and related settings are needed for altitude gauge needles. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. bigglesworth

    Krispy1001's Jodel project..

    Hi. I'm wanting to get a hold of Krispy's Jodel Blender project that he provided at his website, but his website is down. Does anyone know of an alternate source for his project? I'm hoping to use his project file to learn a few things that will help me finish my current project. Thanks for...
  3. bigglesworth

    Blender and FSW?

    Since the FSW SDK has been out for a while now, I'm wondering if anyone with more knowledge than I have has taken a look at Blender2FSX in its current state of development to see if it can produce FSW-compatible aircraft? The FSW XTtoMdl is an "improved" version. That's one thing (I suppose it...
  4. bigglesworth

    Animations stopped working

    On my current project all animations stopped working a couple of days ago. I could find nothing wrong with any parts, animation tags, etc. Plus when I exported a simple animation test of a model with just a couple of animated parts, they didn't work either. So I uninstalled/reinstalled Blender...
  5. bigglesworth

    Prop_still always visible even at full throttle

    Hi. I'm transitioning from FSDS to Blender. All going well thanks to Krispy's videos and the Blender2FSX toolset, but I've run up a bit of a brick wall trying to get my prop_still object to stop showing up all the time. I've tagged/assigned it with "prop_still" but it shows up through the entire...
  6. bigglesworth

    Blender: animation question

    Hi. I've used FSDS for years, but decided to try Blender recently. Everything is going well (I like it a lot) but I'm stuck at getting animations along an oblique angle to work, like the aileron in the screenshot. In FSDS I could easy move the axis to the desired spot along the forward edge, and...
  7. bigglesworth

    Reduce float on landing

    So I've got this FSX plane I'm working on that flies nearly perfectly, which I'm sure of because I used to own one in real life: 39 hours in a Culver Cadet taildragger. It's a flap-less plane btw. Using Airwrench I've got every thing surprisingly close to how I remember it (I flew it during the...
  8. bigglesworth

    Avionics Master Switch

    I apologize if this has been covered in another thread. I couldn't find it. I made a nice, simple toggle switch for my VC, for avionics master on/off, and gave it the animation tag "switch_avionics_master". The switch works physically, but it does not turn the avionics on or off. I'm thinking...
  9. bigglesworth

    Nav lights bleeding through structure

    Is there any way to prevent the light from nav lights from bleeding through aircraft structures? I have winglets, and the light from my nav lights, which are definitely positioned further outboard than the winglets, shows through the winglets, when viewed from the VC. It bugs me. :( Muchas...
  10. bigglesworth

    FSX control settings vs AirWrench settings

    It occurred to me that I've been adjusting AirWrench settings for the various axis responses (or effectiveness) while forgetting that I've had control sensitivities decreased, and null zones present in my FSX control settings. This became clear after I installed FSX-SE a few days ago. I wondered...
  11. bigglesworth

    Extra keyframes for smoother gear compression?

    Does adding extra keyframes between 101 and 200 make for smoother (non-jerky) gear compression? Or is smoothness attained mainly via the correct settings in aircraft.cfg "contact points" section?
  12. bigglesworth

    FSX fsdsxtweak material tweak clarification please

    Hi, all. My first post. I have almost literally 1000 planes completed, but haven't wanted to upload them anywhere until I get VC gauge lighting figured out. I use FSDS 3.5, and have been wrestling with fsdsxtweak's tweak for emissive gauge lighting, unsuccessfully. I'm hoping someone can verify...