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  1. clements

    MSFS SimObjects not showing up in MSFS with SDK 0.14.x

    Is anybody else having issues with SimObjects with the new version of the SDK? I feel like I am losing my mind. I have previously created a number of SimObjects (flags, windsocks and a rotating beacon) but they do not show up in the sim when compiled with the new SDK. I have not changed any code...
  2. clements

    MSFS How to fix the default aerial overriding custom aerial?

    I have been experimenting with aerials and CGLs. With one airport, the default aerial imagery is overriding the custom aerial. Does anybody know how to fix this? You can see the issue in the image below. The left side shows a yellow polygon in Google Earth that represents the area of my custom...
  3. clements

    MSFS Custom Taxiway Path Center Lines?

    Is it possible to customize the default taxiway path center lines? I know how to replace the texture/material on painted lines but I do not see how to change the taxiway path center line.
  4. clements

    MSFS What is the difference between TIN, OSM and MS buildings?

    When working with polygons, you have the option to exclude TIN and OSM buildings. What do these abbreviations stand for? What's the difference between a TIN, MS and OSM building?
  5. clements

    MSFS MSFS Lights: Setting Flash Settings Cause Day/Night Issues

    I have found that if I set a light to have flash frequency, duration, phase, and/or rotation it prevents the light's day/night cycle from working. At first, I thought this may be a Blender issue, but after examining the gltf, I have found the light code "looks" correct (see snippet below)...
  6. clements

    Is there anything more rewarding than...

    ...when you apply textures to your model for first time? It does not matter if you have seen the textures in Photoshop/GIMP or Substance/Armor Paint, there is something magical about applying the texture to a material in your 3D modeling software that is unmatched.
  7. clements

    MSFS Determining day and night

    Has anyone found a way to determine if it is day or night in MSFS? I have found how to do it with visual effects but would like to use the day/night cycle to start or stop animations.
  8. clements

    MSFS Asobo featured in Substance magazine article

    The makers of Substance Painter Allegorithmic featured Asobo in Extreme Realism: Asobo Studio Talks Microsoft Flight Simulator, a recent article in their online magazine. The article is lightweight but includes some nice "behind the scenes" screenshots of aircraft models as they go through the...
  9. clements

    Substance Painter Poll: One Material with Masks, or Many Materials?

    I am new to Substance so I'm curious how others are working with it. Personally, I find it hard to manage complex objects with one material. I use folders to keep things organized but it only goes so far. The problem with multiple materials is combining them later. If anybody has a good solution...
  10. clements

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    I have been trying to get the Color Multipliers in Blender2MSFS to work in MSFS. After some experimentation, I do not believe this is implemented completely in Blender2MSFS and have found a workaround. To provide context, I am talking about this panel located near the top of the MSFS Material...
  11. clements

    MSFS 1C5 Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport (WIP)

    For my first scenery project, I am working on building Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport (1C5). Bolingbrook is located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and just a few miles from my home. Clow is an active general aviation with more than 70,000 landings each year, is home to the...
  12. clements

    MSFS Converting the WindsockSample from MAX to OBJ?

    Does anybody know how to convert the WindsockSample from the MSFS SDK from a MAX file to an OBJ file? Or, better yet, does any MAX user feel like converting this for the community? ;)
  13. clements

    MSFS Decal Image Sizes

    I am trying to figure out how to make decals work with MSFS. Looking at decals deployed by ASOBO, the images do not need to be square. Does anybody know if the dimensions need to be to a power of 2 (i.e., 1024 x 256 or 2048 x 96) or can they be anything we want?
  14. clements

    Where are you posting projects for download?

    Back in the day (pre-P3D), Avsim was the primary place for me to post and download freeware add-ons for Flight Sim. FlightSim.com was also an options although I did not find their site/community quite as open. Now that MSFS has brought be back to the game, it seems like the world has changed...
  15. clements

    MSFS Destination Paths too long?

    Is anybody else running into issues with the destinations path being too long when working with/installing textures? If so, how are you solving it? Things are fine in my development folders, but when I go to install the files into the sim (I am using the Microsoft Store version), I get a...
  16. clements

    Getting Source Photos

    After doing AFCADs, repaints, etc. for some time, I've decided to try my hand at building a scenery and have decided to work on an airport that isn't very close to me. After some experimentation (and help here), I'm fairly confident in my techniques, but as I plan to get started, I find I'm...
  17. clements

    Do I need a Flatten Polygon?

    I've made a ground polygon to create a photo background for an airport that I'm working on to learn about scenery design/building in FS2004. It looks good from a distance but when I'm sitting at the airport, I can see the default runway and taxiways as well as the default grass background...
  18. clements

    Ground Poly Error

    I've been learning how to make ground polys and need a little help. I'm able to compile the poly prior to apply a bit-mapped texture. However, when I try to add a 24-bit bitmap to my ground poly (called "test"), I get the following error message: Assembling: test.azm test_0.asm(107) ...
  19. clements

    IF versus IAF

    What is the difference between an IF and an IAF and how should either be used in ADE? For example, looking at O'Hare approach charts (current airac), the 14L ILS CAT III approach lists PLUNC as the IF and KEYEB as the IAF. Should PLUNC be considered the main IF with KEYEB as a transition? Bob