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  1. sunayk

    Adding user manual

    Hi all What is the way to add a "Documentation" folder and "user_manual.pdf" inside this folder, inside a package before build&export for MSFSMarketplace? I couldn't figure it out. Thanks for any guidance
  2. sunayk

    MSFS Navdata - xml coding (Paid)

    Hi all! We are working on a large scale "non-stock" airport project, and the navdata is missing. So we are looking for a developer with related xml navdata coding experience to prepare the required navdata (SIDs, STARs, approaches) according to the AIP information. For more details and if you...
  3. sunayk

    MSFS Reducing aerial scenery cgl file size

    Hello all, I am working on an airport scenery and the aerial scenery cgl file size is larger than 1 GB. In order to make it compatible to XBOX 1GB file size limit (or recommendation?) I need to find a solution; either to divide the file into two or reduce the size of the file. The current file...
  4. sunayk

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    Hi all, I had applied to join the MSFS Marketplace Partner program, last year. I had edited and updated my application a month ago. I also sent two emails (to msfsim at microsoft.com) inquiring about the situation of the application. But still haven’t received any return or feedback from the...
  5. sunayk

    MSFS Jetway Animation (Paid)

    Hi, Looking for a developer with MSFS SDK jetway skills to animate a jetway for MSFS. Paid job. Please contact me though info<at>scenerytr.com, or forum PM. Thank you, Sunay
  6. sunayk

    MSFS Day Night Cycle

    I am using 3DsMax 2019.03 and although I tick the "Day Night Cycle" in the material properties for the emissive texture to work, the exported .gltf file don't have this propery. I open the .gltf with MCX, edit the texture property and re-export and it works OK. Am I missing something in 3Ds...
  7. sunayk

    Looking for support/partnership for X-Plane conversion

    Hello everybody, We are looking for experienced developers to work together or to partner with for conversion and adaptation of our payware scenery packages made for Prepar3D v4 (non PBR) to X-Plane. References of previous Prepar3D to X-Plane conversions and related current X-Plane development...
  8. sunayk

    P3D v4 Use same file for V4 and V5?

    Hello everyone, I am used to have the same single scenery package for both FSX and Prepar3d. But with P3D v5, that file can’t be used anymore. I don’t use ADE default buildings or default objects, but add them externally with Instant Scenery or MCX. So for the sake of simplicity, I want to...
  9. sunayk

    LTAC Ankara Esenboğa

    I present my latest project, Ankara Esenboğa scenery. As most of us, I have limited time to dedicate to scenery development, but I teamed up with aeromesh for an additional boost , and nearly two years after the project start now I arrived at the point of wrapping up the package . Wellcome...
  10. sunayk

    (Disregard/Solved)Jetway placement offset

    On my first try I reached to the point of having a functioning jetway and was able to place it by Sodeplacer. Now I am at the point of integrating also the static versions. Thank you Jeffrey for SODE and SodePlacer :) But I noticed a placement shift problem. I did the placements in Prepar3D v3...
  11. sunayk

    GoogleServer.dll update

    Google seems to update the imagery server more often than before. In the current SbuilderX GoogleServer.dll we are in version 702, but checking with FSET I see that in my area we have V=707 and even V=709 containing new imagery and the previous ones are giving blanks. Is there a practical way...
  12. sunayk

    FSX Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport WIP

    Hi everybody, I have been working on Sabiha Gokcen Airport (LTFJ) for some time, as the scenery matured enough I thought I can share some visuals. Sabiha Gokcen is the second airport of Istanbul, on the southeast corner of the city, and also ranks 18th busiest airport in Europe. This is my...
  13. sunayk

    Ground poly wizard not reading the materials from the mdl

    First thank you Arno, MCX is a great tool, it makes life much easier for us. Lately I have a problem with the "Latest Development Release" MCX ground polygon wizard not reading the materials from the mdl file made by Gmax. The stable version (1.3.0) MCX ground poly wizards works fine. The...
  14. sunayk

    FS community growth

    I did a little statistic study for my curiosity. I wanted to see the activity level of the FS community and decided to take the Flightsim and Avsim library upload activity as a reference. (Or this is more like the statistics of freeware developer activity but…) So the uploaded files in the...
  15. sunayk

    Dynamic shadows ?

    Come across this: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=7296.0 At first glance looks like texture baking, making it change during the day is new step in FS world. It will be interesting to know this method. Sunay
  16. sunayk

    FSXA Jetway shadows

    The default FSX animated jetway has a weird deformed kind of shadow that destroys the realism for me. Is there a way to add animated jetways to gates but with no shadows? Like using NoShadow tag in some way? Thanks everybody. Sunay
  17. sunayk

    Gmax ground polygon performance

    I am working on my first FS2002 SDK/Gmax ground polygon scenery project. It is a relatively large airport and I am nearing completion of the ground polygon work. But I notice that the FS2002 bgl groung poly scenery file is causing nearly -10 FPS drop in the performance. It is disheartening...
  18. sunayk

    Symmetry mode

    Can you use the symmetry mode? I can't get it to function (I have 3.5.1.). May be I am missing something. Thanks for any tip. Sunay
  19. sunayk

    Drawcall batching by FSDS

    The drawcall batching in FSX SP2 was discussed for Gmax on the other tread http://www.wiki.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16317 In Gmax for batching to work the Gmax created mdl file has to be reprocessed by ModelconverterX (to avoid the .xanim flag) Does anyone can confirm that a...
  20. sunayk

    Ground poly position

    I tried my first ground poly creation, basically following Bill Womac's tutorial but finishing it with MCX Ground Polygon Wizard. I created a runway in Gmax, compiled the mdl file with FSX gamepack, converted the mdl to bgl with MXC and finally I managed to see it FSX, just that the position of...