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    Material problem

    I tried to add a default material to a polygon, and it is now checked meaning the material is not available. can you please help me sort it out?
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    Pearl Simulations - X01 Everglades Airpark HD RELEASED

    Dear Folks! As some of you might know, I have started my developer career with this airport back in 2016. At that time, my knowledge and the sim limitation for FSX were limited... Now, with the great MSFS SDK and Blender, I was able to create a great rendition of the airport paying attention to...
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    AGGN - Ghizo Island, Nusatupe Airstrip

    My next airport will be on the tiny island of Ghizo in the middle of the Pacific region. The island belongs to the Solomon Islands. Enjoy them ;)
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    Pearl Simulations - BGMQ Maniitsoq Airport, Greenland

    Hey Everyone! I am about to finish my project covering the tiny island of Maniitsoq in Greenland. Here you can find a few preview images of Maniitsoq Airport (BGMQ) :) Once it is ready, you we'll be able to purchase it on Simmarket ;) Enjoy them ;)
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    Guess Pearl Simulations' first big airport ;)

    As you can see it from the screenshots, my biggest airport ever is about to hit the market ;) Can you guess which one it is from the screenshots?
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    Again something seems not to be working with msfs sdk...

    Can somebody please help me how to solve these error messages, as my custom model doesn't show up in MSFS editor...
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    Again something seems not to be working with msfs sdk...

    Can somebody please help me how to solve these error messages, as my custom model doesn't show up in MSFS editor...
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    Pearl Simulations - NTTM - Moorea Tamae Airport

    Getting close to being ready with the main terminal ;)
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    Help in extruding please

    I tried to extrude a profile along a curve but I get absolutely weird shapes that doesn't even show signs of being what I wanted it to be :D Can somebody please help me? I am actually trying to make Moorea Airport, but I can not go on because of this problem... Thanks in advance, Mark
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    Vote for next project ;)

    Hi Eveyrone! I am Mark from Pearl Simulations and I have a little trouble deciding which project should I start after finishing NTTH so I thouhgt I make a poll to give the decision to you guys ;)
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    after MSFS and SDK update my custom models don't load

    Hi Everybody! After the newest MSFS and SDK update my custom models don't load even after I have reexported them unticking the tangents option in blender... (I saw the error message about tangents in MSFS SDK inspector) Now I don't get any error messages about my models, but they still don't...
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    Help in creating custom watermasks and blendmasks.

    Hi! I’ve been trying to edit the watermasks to show the water photoreal but I’ve been unsuccessful... Can somebody please help me? thanks in advance, Mark
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    Pearl Simulations - NTTH Huahine Fare Airport

    My second French Polynesian airport is in the making: Cheers, Mark :)
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    BIIS Isafjordur for MSFS

    Hi! After creating Bora Bora, it is time for a little colder airport... The approach is stunning there... Isafjordur in Iceland ;)
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    Can't find my custom objects

    I created multiple custom objects for my project and I was even able to load them at first, but when I opened the project for the second time, the objects I already places stayed there, but the unplaced objects don't show up in the scenery editor... Somebody please help me! Thanks in advance...
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    MSFS NTTB Bora Bora Motu Mute Airport by Pearl Simulations for MSFS2020 ;)

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that a French Polynesian project is coming alive slowly ;) It is still in very early stages, I've only done the modelling part of the main terminal building, texturing will follow and than I will get it into the sim! Enjoy it!!
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    Somebody Please help me!

    I can not import my model into MSFS2020 even though it should be all good. Or actually, the model is imported perfectly, but the textures are simply missing and the whole building is black except for one single texture that is correctly showing on the top of the building... here is a screenshot...
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    Help in Blender to MSFS please!

    Hi! Do you guys have an idea why my sim doesn't show base colour textures after I load them in MSFS? in blender: In MSFS2020 Even though I have the correct textures in the folder: Thanks in advance, Mark
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    help me please with Blender and Substance Painter

    I did the model in Blender and when I UV unwrap it it looks perfect, but when I open it up in Substance Painter it actually covers a wall with one single polygon instead of showing the windows shapes and stuff like that. Blender Model: And this is what I get in Substamce Painter: Please...