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  1. mathijskok

    You might not be looking for a publisher for your project do you? If you are contact me at...

    You might not be looking for a publisher for your project do you? If you are contact me at mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com
  2. mathijskok

    You might not be looking for a publisher, do you? If so, please contact me at...

    You might not be looking for a publisher, do you? If so, please contact me at Mathijs.Kok@aerosoft.com.
  3. mathijskok

    Ship 'flight model' wanted

    I am looking for somebody who can make me a very basic 'flight model' for a small seagoing vessel. If you think you can assist us, please contact me at Mathijs.Kok@aerosoft.com Mathijs Kok Aerosoft
  4. mathijskok

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Paavo, I was just pointed to this comment. Now we are not the developer for these products, just the publisher, so I simply do not know the technical details. That does not change anything about our responsibility to check this, of course. We will immediately try to get some more information...
  5. mathijskok

    Back online

    Attaboy Arno!
  6. mathijskok

    2d panel scaling

    It's an issue I never found an answer for and it has been bugging me recently while we were working on the Airbusses. When we use a 2d gauge the height/width aspect ratio seems to be lost no matter what is in the panel config. Is there some trick I am missing? [Window01] file=../../Aerosoft...
  7. mathijskok

    P3D v4 Font Folder

    Yes but the new 'one folder' install option of P3d is very attractive to reduce support.
  8. mathijskok

    P3D v4 Font Folder

    In the (looong) past we have often seen that fonts located in the simfolder /fonts folder were not always loaded on all systems so most devs defaulted to installing them in the windows font folder. Does anybody know if this is no longer needed with P3D v4? Anybody serious experience with that?
  9. mathijskok

    input via keypresses

    Yes, the issue is more how to merge 5 key presses into one string (not sure, I am not the developer but that is how it is explained to me).
  10. mathijskok

    input via keypresses

    Gents, we are kind of stuck on something and hope there is somebody here that can point us in the right direction. We got a gauge that includes a keyboard and we need to use that to enter a frequency (like 123.45) but right now we got problems understanding how to do so. We know how to do so...
  11. mathijskok

    Controling coloring of textures

    Thanks Holger, this is really a major problem for me and I have just written Jason. He's a nice enough guy and if he knows I am sure he'll help me out. Will report about progress.
  12. mathijskok

    Controling coloring of textures

    gents, I know the sky textures control now scenery textures are displayed. For example the image attached show a pure B/W texture at night. FS2004 decides to add some colors in there (look closely, although it seems full black, you'll see purples, greens etc. ) I know there is a document that...
  13. mathijskok

    XML position data (lat/long)

    Been prodding away at a clean way to convert the standard <String>%((A:GPS POSITION LAT, degrees))%!f!</String> into something more readable like N45 45'44'' but I learned pretty fast I should have taken more math at highschool. Anybody any help on this? Mathijs
  14. mathijskok

    Glider gauge

    We pay above industry standard rates for this kind of stuff, but we also demand a lot. The actual payment depends on the kind of contract. For example for an experienced developer we would be looking at a fee per hour as is usual for outsourced developers. For a less experienced developer we...
  15. mathijskok

    Glider gauge

    Thanks. You know I am too experienced to spam, lol. But I can expand the request. Just today I got a whopping load of additional xml work (not for FS but for professional projects) so my interest is even bigger!
  16. mathijskok

    Glider gauge

    Gents, I am looking for a talented xml dev who can do a xml gauge for me. We got the full manual and we got some people who know the instrument inside out. The instrument is what is known as a 'flight computer' and is used in competitive gliders. It is not very complex work but tricky as it...
  17. mathijskok

    Question on modeldef.xml

    Thanks. I actually feel horrible to ask a fellow semi professional dev in this field for this kind of help, but I got people who are sick, people on holiday and others that don't want to talk to me anymore. I owe you.
  18. mathijskok

    Question on modeldef.xml

    Sorry for such a noob question, but I am trying to add left_wingfold and right_wingfold to the modeldef.xml and for some reason I can't get it to work. Would you be so kind to assist me?