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    MSFS Tiger Moth (Released)

    Yes it will, hopefully. I received my first report back from their Xbox beta testers. I asked for some clarification and have heard nothing since.
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    MSFS Tiger Moth (Released)

    Would you like a paintkit? The textures are mostly the same from FSX/P3D and there is a paintkit already available for that at https://antsairplanes.com/tigermothpro.html The textures used in the MSFS version of the Tiger Moth are mostly the same as the ones in FSX. However, the fuselage and...
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    MSFS Tiger Moth (Released)

    I'm pleased to inform you that the Tiger Moth for MSFS is now available. At the moment it is just through FastSpring and Sendowl but the Simmarket and Just Flight links should become available soon (the information has been sent to those companies, they just need to add them to their product...
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    MSFS MSFS Localization Manager

    Well, that's a big disappointment. I don't know what I was expecting from the MSFS Localization Manager but whatever we got wasn't it. I was kind of hoping that it would use Bing to automatically fill in translations but no such luck. Maybe I was too optimistic with that. As far as I can see...
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    MSFS Texture

    There are many tutorials on Youtube which is probably the best place to start. Search for "How to create a livery for MSFS" on youtube.
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    Fast moving animations jittery looking

    It's likely that MSFS animations that are not the user aircraft are around 18fps (this is how FSX used to work). And I looked it up and yes, the default is 18fps. You can use the typeParam parameter to change the animation rate scaling (1 = 18fps, 2 = 36fps etc)...
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    MSFS How to write a 'RANGE' setting for Backwards?

    I just saw this in the SU10 release notes: "Animation Position can now be used in the sound.xml file to trigger sounds and for RTPCs" This may be of use to you (although you will probably have to wait for the SDK documentation to be updated before we find out what it means).
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    Don't worry about it. EVERYONE started from zero. And then MSFS came along and we all had to start again. I spent over 10 years using FSDS for modeling and I had to learn Blender when MSFS was released so I'm no expert in Blender yet. One of the problems with general Blender tutorials is they...
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    MSFS Initial impressions on DLSS in SU10 (

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones because today's update went well with no obvious problems yet (reading on the MSFS forums there seems a few who had some issues with the update). The first thing I thought I'd try was DLSS (I think there's an option for the AMD version of DLSS too...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    You mentioned before that the subdiv modifier may have been the problem and yeah, I'm also starting to think that could have been the problem all along too. Maybe it was simply too much geometry. Just for context, the Tiger Moth I am making is a total of 20MB in size (with the exterior and...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    Now, onto the model issues. Here is the model without the subdivision modifier. There's still way too much geometry in this so it needs to be cleaned up. Step 1. Object mode - Object - Shade Smooth. Will get rid of the sharp edges so it looks smooth without needing a subdivision modifier...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    Holy crap. This is not how you make models for flight simulator. Oh my word there is so much wrong here. I will explain everything wrong with this model in my next post. I was wondering why the generated model was 33MB in size and it's because you have a ridiculous amount of subdivision going...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    I posted this back March of this year showing the difference in the material definitions once exported by the MS exporter. when setting the custom properties switch. It may be that since then the exporter has been updated. I'd have to check. But at the time there was a very real difference...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    I have certainly had my fair share of texture problems with the exporter. It's a lot better than it used to be. Your shading material seems to be OK. Have you gone into the Settings of the Multi-export glTF 2.0 and ticked Custom Properties in the Include - Data section? It needs to be ticked...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    I still don't understand the point you are trying to make. To me it looks like the textures are being rendered very differently, namely it doesn't seem to have the same metallic as the first picture. To me that sounds like a texture issue but you are talking about surfaces and subdivision...
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    Blender Problems with my transition to the Microsoft GLTF Extension

    I think you may need to be a bit more specific here. What exactly is the problem you are having? What should people be looking for in your screenshots? Is there any reason you can't simply apply the Subdivision Modifier rather than relying on the exporter to apply the modifier?
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    MSFS Help, Texture in blender works, but in msfs it doesn't appear.

    Sounds like you have polygons on top of each other. This can look OK in Blender (and be quite hard to detect) but have unintended consquences once in the simulator. Looking at your second set of pictures I would say that you have a polygon for the doors/windows placed in front of the walls...
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    MSFS Custom variable for Brakes

    Are you looking at the interior or exterior model behavior XML? I suspect the exterior as the code seems to be activating wheel chocks. You'd need to look at the interior code to see if there is anything setting L:A32NX_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER_POS, Bool But, based on the above code (and the fact that...
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    MSFS Custom variable for Brakes

    You'd need to edit the aircraft's XML files if it's using it's own custom variables. Where the custom variable is set you'd need to add a line to set the PARKING_BRAKE_SET event. For example, where the custom variable is set to on you'd add: 1 (>K:PARKING_BRAKE_SET) Where the custom...
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    Anyone able to help with bmp image file for gauges

    I'm not sure what you want. Do you want those two gauges reduced down to 96x96 pixels? Because there is only so much you can do with 96 pixels. Or would you like the gauges upscaled for better readability? If the latter find attached a 2048px wide image of the gauges upsized using the nice new...