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    P3D v4 MMGL Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara

    Trying to figure out why the P3d version is $10.00 more expensive than the MSFS version on Simmarket?
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    I brought the OKC I made for FSX over to P3dv5++ without any issues.
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    P3D v5 At some angles apron disappears

    What I do is set the project altitude to the same altitude as the default P3d altitude.
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    Runway and taxiway lights not working in P3D5.1

    I am exclusively on 5.1 with the latest updates. :)
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    Runway and taxiway lights not working in P3D5.1

    I added the default lights to the runway/taxiways in the scenery AFCAD using ADE. This is not a perfect solution, but it works. I have also considered using the Airfield Lights Toolbox.
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    P3D v4 Adding static C-130s to airport

    I use Model Converter X and Static Aircraft Model Maker. They have their on forums in the 3D Asset Design above. Military AI Works has a lot of different military AI aircraft that can be converted to scenery objects also.
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    P3D v4 MMGL Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara

    Looking good. :cool: Hopefully for P3d since I'm not going to do MSFS for a while.
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    The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

    Impressive, :cool: Hopefully for P3d since I'm not going to do MSFS for a while.
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    P3D - AFLT Version

    Don, I have just installed HF2 with the latest nVidia driver and have noticed the following problems with the development update - 1. Wigwag is not working. They start to work and as the aircraft approaches them they stop. 2. Approach lights are not working. Bill
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    P3D - AFLT Version

    I haven't noticed any significant hits on FPS, but if it gets to be an issue I'll let you know.
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    P3D - AFLT Version

    Don, The PAPI's worked correctly. I just completed a test flight where I departed KSPS flew to KSAT then to KLTS and back to KSPS in order to test the issues with the PAPI's The KSPS to KSAT and then back to KLTS worked with no issues. The icon showed 26 lights on departure from KSPS and...
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    P3D v3 PhotoRico TJBQ X

    Very nice. My ADE version was starting to get tired. :)
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    P3D - AFLT Version

    Good afternoon Don, I'm not sure if this relates to the issue for 4424, but these are some of the issues I've encountered. 1. When I load the airport I get a message "Distance unit changed to "M" to match input data" . I don't use meters in my scenery's. 2. When I departed my airport...
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    Don, Attached is a screen shot of a recurring problem I have. It seems after I have placed the taxi lights and come back at a later time, a new line/lines of lights have been inserted. Most likely I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. :confused: Bill
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    ADE Can't remove autogen from scenery in ADE

    Jon, That's what I did with the project that Don has been helping me using AFLT. There may be a few artifacts, but nothing major. I only use stock buildings and everything appeared to come over to v5 without any problems. The aircraft models I built using MCX came over without any problems...
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    Moving to P3Dv5

    What is the process to move my airport lights to P3Dv5?
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    P3D v4 Question about Approach and runway Lights

    I have had a lot of success with AFLT. :cool: Don, the developer of AFLT has always been very responsive to any questions I've had. :)
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    Project ???

    Very nice Arno. :cool:
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    Update 4.3.13

    Don, I just installed .14 and there are no issues that I have noticed other than a 404 error on my end. I am still getting the above message.