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  1. OzWookiee

    MSFS Developing Low Poly High Detail 3D Models for MSFS (and any other sim)

    Yea make sure you still use some of those older techniques as the models you have are still quite angular. If you baked the normals from that higherpoly and applied as a normal map it could go a long way to making that rock feel more natural. Of course it all depends on what the view distance...
  2. OzWookiee

    Blender 3D modeler required (contract)

    Hi everybody, Big Radials is looking for a Blender 3D modeler on a per-contract basis, for projects already underway. We have a lot we would like to achieve this yearand we're looking for talented folks with proven track records or a portfolio of work. Details upon request by PM please, along...
  3. OzWookiee

    Flightsim.to new business model and terms of service leaves content creators without rights to their own work

    I've just asked for a copy of the original TOS when I uploaded the files and what has changed since. Because they didn't inform us of these changes, that could be taken as acting in bad faith which would then AFAIK make their TOS void and we could ask for our content to be deleted. However...
  4. OzWookiee

    MSFS Grumman S2F-3AT (S2T) Turbo Tracker

    Hey @Tankerguy72 so glad to see you back mate! Looking ace <3
  5. OzWookiee

    MSFS Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA)

    Mate, bloody great work!
  6. OzWookiee

    MSFS KMYL McCall Municipality Airport Idaho

    Oh @Milosanx coming in with the payware scenery for bush flying! :D Nice one mate, looking forward to it.
  7. OzWookiee

    FSXA FREEWARE Aircraft FMA IA 58 Pucará

    Oh man I forgot about this as we've been neck deep in our upcoming release. I should be able to give this a look next week @canion
  8. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Creating Livery Packages for MSFS

    Well you could try reading the official documentation then ;) https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/index.htm#t=Samples_And_Tutorials%2FSamples%2FLiveryAircraft.htm
  9. OzWookiee

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    What specific aircraft do you need? There might be quick ways we can do this.
  10. OzWookiee

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Well honestly I haven't messed around with injection but I'm going to assume that you can inject and control MP aircraft and display using AI aircraft. Unfortunately I'm not able to assist currently (how soon do you need it? is this a freebie or a paid gig?), however there's a lot more...
  11. OzWookiee

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Ahhhhhh you need AI aircraft :D
  12. OzWookiee

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Is it for the user to control or for code to control?
  13. OzWookiee

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Sounds like you just need a static object for a scenery?
  14. OzWookiee

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I assume you mean uploading videos of their flights?
  15. OzWookiee

    MSFS Blender to MSFS Exporter on day one?

    My several aircraft say different ;) Did you read the manual?
  16. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    Thanks @ronh appreciate the help!
  17. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    Looks like someone was trying to be helpful and messed it up This is why I've removed edit access LOL, Happy to take all update suggestions here :D
  18. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    Thanks for picking that up. Not sure when that changed.
  19. OzWookiee

    MSFS Conversion for MSFS

    Yea that's actually the tool I use now, just haven't gotten around to updating the walkthrough as busy ;)