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    MSFS Projected Mesh Issue

    Hi Guys, I've got a hugh issue with projected mesh in msfs 2020. The first screenshot shows part of my projected mesh - absolutely perfect - or so i thought. The second screenshot is part of the same projected mesh, but below the correct elements. Its as though it has taken every line and...
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    MSFS Painted lines - taxi, edge lines, etc - can we create a custom texture sheet for custom lines?

    They look great! - can you drop a copy of the file that you are using please so we can get the same results as you
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    Multi Object Per Texture

    Hi Example attached
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    Multi Object Per Texture

    Hi What i'm wondering is if anyone can help me with the process of creating a single texture which has multiple objects on it and how to access them in MSFS2020 I can physically create the file, the problem i have is how to we tell the sim that it needs to access only the parts of the file for...
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    MSFS Painted lines - taxi, edge lines, etc - can we create a custom texture sheet for custom lines?

    Hi Both good ideas but they only allow modification of existing lines - I'm looking to create a proper Edge_Solid_Ortho as the line at 90 degress to the edge line is way to big, way to fat and unrealistically spaced - It needs to be variable spacing so i'd have to create a new line but have no...
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    Original Airport Objects Not Being Deleted

    EGPD - and i redid it from scratch in case there was some residual errors from previous SDK's. Still the same objects not being deleted
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    Original Airport Objects Not Being Deleted

    Hi Its SDK and I still cannot delete all of a standard airport. The taxiway edge lights and the wind socks just will not delete. Tried everything, nothing works. My "Airport" have all the ticks to delete every object tickets, my polygone to delete all the building is intact and i've...
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    MSFS Aprons with custom texture misbehaving [SOLVED]

    Found something quite interesting related to what you said with the cache. If you delete the texture in the Material Library (using the X beside Abelio and not the delete button (i can never get the delete button to work!) and then shut down the game. The go to your cache directory...
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    MSFS 2020 Blank Project Creator - MSFS Blank Project Creator v1.5 - for SDK 0.9

    This writes base Airport and Scenery structures - saves a lot of editing the sample files. v1.5 work with the updates directory structures of SDK 0.9 - so unless MS changes things again (not holding out much hope they wont) it will be valid. It needs of the game so please update.
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    MSFS Painted lines - taxi, edge lines, etc - can we create a custom texture sheet for custom lines?

    Hi I've looked everywhere but I dont seem to be able to add my own line type which is missing from the taxiway library lines. What i'm trying to do is create the following taxiway edge markings. If you have a look in the attached file there are lines with lines at right angles but there are...
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    MSFS 2020 Blank Project Creator - New version 1.1

    From what i can tell - 1.0 should work and there are only a couple of differences. I've updated the airport output file.
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    MSFS 2020 Blank Project Creator 1.5

    This little program creates an Empty Framework for Airports & Scenery. It saves the manual editing of paths and XML files. It stores the Projects Directory in the same folder as the .exe. No other files are created except the Empty Framework.
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    MSFS 2020 SDK 0.7.1 issue

    It worked in 2021 4 days ago and now it doesn't. Honestly, are there no quality control checks in M$ these days?
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    MSFS 2020 SDK 0.7.1 issue

    A clean install on the new 0.7.1 sdk on msfs2020 with 3DS Max 2021 does not load the Babylon Exporter. You cannot use the latest exporter from Github as it breaks the flitsim python scripts, Bug reported but like all other bugs, MS just closes the report and does not action anything. They do...
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    The 0.7 sdk has introduced a bug into the taxiway creation. I know cannot select 2 point and right click and choose create taxipath - ok technically i can still click the option, but nothing happens. 0.6 worked fine. But they did fix the mess they made with the 3DS Max 2021 tools. At least it...
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    SBX 3.15 without 3.14

    There seems to be a zooming problem. When you go past zoom 20, the screen goes shows the tiles at the new zoom then immediately goes white, say it downloading (even though I already have the tiles) and the keeps white even though the download has finished. F1 to switch off and on background...
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    Error When Converting And Placing (both in batch and wizard)

    Hi Its happening with every object - BGL or MDL. And the screen is going white with a big red cross on it - have to shut down MCX to get rid of it.
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    Error When Converting And Placing (both in batch and wizard)

    Hi I get the following error when trying to convert and place files Its on the latest developer release downloaded on 14/10/18 See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text **************...
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    Another issue i think

    I've got another error - I thought i'd re-export the FSX MCX file againto see if it made any difference and got this following error But as you can see, I've got a valid GUID (32 chars and 4 dashes). I'm confused.