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  1. adino

    Getting TOT Gauge to spike at higher temp on start up when drop back to normal

    These were not my words actually it was AI telling you that the code is just an example and that he not even sure it will do what you want. Use the example as an idea on the type of logic you can use to code your gauges if you are experience with coding. I'm sorry If I created too much...
  2. adino

    Getting TOT Gauge to spike at higher temp on start up when drop back to normal

    Holy crap!😄 I put this question in chat-gp to put it on test and I got this as answer (I m still in denial this is some serious stuff, Lol) "What I would like to do is on engine start have the gauge spike to a higher number as per the real gauge then drop back to its normal reading which is...
  3. adino

    Getting TOT Gauge to spike at higher temp on start up when drop back to normal

    I will start trying something in this spirit to fake the spike: pseudo code of mine :) if (engine is starting) \\I believe you can do this checking engine combustion A:var while delta time -> { blit TOT slider or needle to higher fake value(s) } check if delta time if reached-> {blit...
  4. adino

    Gauge bitmaps

    you can make it any size you want and scale it back when you place it on the panel , the bigger the sharper but it my cost you some frame rate I guess...
  5. adino

    FSXA XML Coding Problem

    one less elegant way I have solve these is by blitting the knob bitmap with the position you want it to be with certain value. you can use a case statement for that, if that is what you want anyway not sure I understand exactly what you want. Also besides a case statement you need to define...
  6. adino

    FSX:SE Starter and throttle switch

    Search this forum and study the gazillion examples on this topic; write your own code based on the examples and fail when trying to get it work; then come to the forum and post your failing script asking for guide and wisdom; Trust me you will be amazed on how keen people will be then to help...
  7. adino

    FS2004 Programming a C-gauge Autothrottle

    Straight from the wiki.... https://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Aircraft_Design Start at letter C and work your way trough the knowledge base- The best of Luck!
  8. adino

    P3D v5 2D popup visibility gauge passing L:var to external model

    <PartInfo> <Name>ge_equipment</Name> <Visibility> <Parameter> <Code>(L:ge_equipment, bool) </Code> </Parameter> </Visibility> </PartInfo>
  9. adino

    P3D v5 2D popup visibility gauge passing L:var to external model

    ..hmmm not sure it will make a difference but can you remove the semicolon in the conditional code Im not sure it should be there.... <Code> (L:ge_equipment,bool) 1 == ; if{ 1 } els{ 0 } </Code>
  10. adino

    P3D v5 2D popup visibility gauge passing L:var to external model

    Yet another lesson from the past... same issue but this time the logic was ok but the animation sprite where the same despite different names..somehow i screw them up lost a day bunking my head for nothing🙈 Most of the times stupidity but we are so fixed😄
  11. adino

    P3D v5 2D popup visibility gauge passing L:var to external model

    I had something similar in the past, story short I figured the Lvars used in the logic and animation differ by one capital letter🙈 I felt so stupid... 😄
  12. adino

    P3D v5 2D popup visibility gauge passing L:var to external model

    Im just assuming you didnt... You can debug the Lvar and see wether it is being set indeed?
  13. adino

    FSX Missing Gauges In Overhead

    Assuming they work earlier as you said and there is no induced error in the code...it could be a bug of FSPS I have seen this before. You can try resizing the gauges just for sake of testing and see whether they appear after refreshing...
  14. adino

    FSX vertical text

    Roman, I'm not sure how you made this work but I found this wiki on the subject so I will try to decipher this crypto language :) https://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php/XML:_Escape_Sequences @johnman: My bad I did not understand you were referring to this but anyway I don't have the skills...
  15. adino

    FSX vertical text

    You are a genius thank you so much Spokes!!
  16. adino

    FSX vertical text

    Yes I already have a bitmap but because of the bitmap size constrains to fit within this gauge it doesn't look sharp so I rather go with the text option hopefully it can be sharper...but I cannot find a suitable example how to write a text vertical using text formatting. This is what I have but...
  17. adino

    FSX vertical text

    Hi All, Maybe a stupid question but I search around unable to find any mention: is there a way to write text vertically in a gauge using fs9 style in XML? I have a rectangle and I want to write a text vertically in it but I cannot find a way to do it. Something like this. I cannot find a good...
  18. adino

    How do I open the aircraft's GAU file and MDL and AIR file?

    AIR files ->https://www.aero.sors.fr/fsairfile.html MDL->https://www.scenerydesign.org/modelconverterx/ GAU-> are compiled DLLs (copyright) not able to modify maybe only bitmaps can be extracted with proper tool I belief
  19. adino

    MSFS Gyro XML gauge

  20. adino

    How do you rotate 2D XML knobs for endless rotation or fixed points -- for autopilot, radios, overhead, etc

    Check this post especially the 3th comment "modulo" is your friend here, I have plenty of them on my panel https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/rotating-knob.430889/#post-678909