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    Sketchup to Blender issue?

    Dale, So if I go back into Sketchup and select the object and make it a groupComponet those lines should be gone? Thanks
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    Sketchup to Blender issue?

    So I created this terminal building in SketchUp and exported it to Blender 3.1. The lines I have circled in RED, do I need to do anything with them? They only appear when I am in EDIT mode. Thanks. Also does someone have a quick tutorial rec for Ambient Occlusion and Baking?
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    Sketchup to Blender Process

    I have renewed my interest in developing airport sceneries. I am using Sketchup with the plan to convert them to OBJ files and import them to Blender. I have posted some screens of my project in the Showcase forum of Billings (KBIL) After I get it into Blender what should be my step-by-step...
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    KBIL New Terminal Expansion

    I have resumed to developing airports using Sketchup, I find it more flexible. This is the recent remodel of Billings Logan International Airport in Billings MT USA. I am now about 1/3 done drawing the terminal building and almost done with the GA, Tower, ARF, and Private Hangers. The next...
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    SketchUp Anyone still using SketchUp?

    Tim. Have ever created textures from photos. If so, what program did you use to edit and convert them?
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    SketchUp Anyone still using SketchUp?

    @Tim Collins . Nice work. Where did you get your textures? I am a Sketchup kinda person as well. I have a couple of airports that are ready for textures.
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    Sketchup and Blender

    Are there any Youtube tutorials to go with this process. Thanks
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    Equal Points of Distance with Meassure Tape Tool

    I am working on a wall that is 300ft long. The wall has fins that are exactly 24 inches apart and the fins are 4 inches wide. The fins extend out from the wall 18 inches. Is there a way with the measure tape tool to tell it to snap a guide line or mark every 24 inches the entire length of the...
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    Sketchup and Blender

    @Gabor hrasko Check this tool out. https://github.com/arindam-m/pyslapi/releases/tag/0.21 Here us a Youtube video to go along with it.
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    Please Help ID FONT

    Thank you everyone.
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    KFAR (FARGO ND) For MSFS 2020 On The Way

    I have been working on this project for 4 weeks on days off and after work. I also am working on a KGFK Grand Forks scenery as well. I think I am pretty close to exporting to Blender where I would unwrap/AO/ Texture and then off to MSFS. then finish it up there. I am going top start working on...
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    Please Help ID FONT

    What is the name of this font? If you know where I can get the file I would appreciate it. Randy
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    Using Background Images

    @GaryGB Can you help me with the question in the thread below? https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/jetbridges-in-msfs-2020.454728/ Thank you
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    Jetbridges In MSFS 2020

    Is there a tutorial on how to make automated jet-bridges for MSFS 2020. Also does anyone have a tutorial on how to draw jet-bridges in sketchup?. Thanks
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    KGFK Grand Forks International

    It has taken me a few months to get this far but I believe I am there now. This is Grand Forks International AKA, Byron L. Dorgan Airport in Grand Forks North Dakota. This is also the main training center for the University of North Dakota aviation program. I have just a couple more...
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    Issue with Erasing Line

    How can I erase the line in the orange circle without having what is happening in the in the screen that shows it hollowed out. In Blender you can fill that back in. Is there a way to fill it in with Sketchup. Thanks Randy
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    Using Background Images

    Is there an equivalent in Sketchup to Images as planes that is in Blender 2.72 and above. How can I produce a scalable background images in SBuilderX 3.15 that I can use Sketchup that I can use as a background image to draw airport buildings in there proper areas. Do I need to use...
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    New Airport In P3dv5.1 Revised

    Nick. I figured out how to get the runway numbers in to the drop down menu. I just had to right click and search the drop down menu in ADE. Believe it or not. After I contacted the support staff at MSFS and LM advising them this field was missing they still missed it in the most recent...
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    Are you going to need BETA testers for KSTL. If you are I would love to help. Looks awesome. Randy

    Are you going to need BETA testers for KSTL. If you are I would love to help. Looks awesome. Randy
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    I'm working on scenery... (2021 & 2022)

    Grand Forks (KGFK) and Williston Basin International (KXWA) KXWA is the newest International airport in the USA. Will be posting screens soon. Randy