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    FSXA Airbus A350 XWB

    wow, When do you think it will be ready for release?
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    FSXA Airbus A350 XWB

    If you want I can help with the painting
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    FSX Coders needed!

    Hi, Im back again. I am currently in need of some coders to help code effects for fsx. If you are interested please PM me. Thanks.
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    Testers required

    I can test Scenery for you :)
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    FSX Effect trigger

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get an effect to go off in a certain type of enviroment. Sort of like the FSFX Engine Condensation effect. The final effect will be used on a Dot Dot Simulations Product. Thanks -Wish
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    FSX Dot Dot Simulations Reveal

    Coming Soon;)
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    FSX Airbus A380 VC

    Oh Ok disregard this
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    Effects Parameters - In laymans terms :-)

    what would I use for a weather specific effect? I've been trying to get a specific engine start effect to occur at a certain temperature but it doesnt work
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    FSX Engine Condensation

    Hi. I just made a custom effect for FSX and I was wondering how to place that effect onto the aircraft. The effect is an engine Condensation effect made in FXeditor. Also if there is a way to remove that Black background please tell me. Thanks
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    FSX:SE Volumetric Lighting

    Hi all, I was wondering if it was possible to add Volumetric Lighting to add on aircraft. Thanks
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    FSX Airbus A380 VC

    Hi all, I was wondering. If I made a Virtual Cockpit for an Airbus A380(Not textured) would anyone texture it and merge it with an aircraft? If yes then I will happily make one. If anyone volunteers to texture the cockpit I will send a .gmax file and a .mdl file :)
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    FSX Help needed to model A343!

    Looking for a 3D modeller to help model the fuselage of an A343 PM for details
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    FSX A380-800 Project for FSX (Blender)

    Looking good! Will you be releasing the final result?
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    Recruiting for DDS!

    Dot Dot Simulations are currently recruiting modelers, designers and Coders! Please inform me on this forum if you wish to join. For more information about what we will be working on please Private message me. Thanks
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    FSX:SE Gmax !Failed to find FSX SDK Installation!

    Hi, I thought it would help if you knew I had the Steam edition of FSX :)
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    FSX:SE Gmax !Failed to find FSX SDK Installation!

    Thanks for the advice however this hasnt worked either
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    Website stability

    At times I cant even get on the website
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    FSX:SE Gmax !Failed to find FSX SDK Installation!

    I used the gamepack one and it still hasnt worked, do not know whats with the code tho
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    FSX Recruiting for DDS!

    Thanks for the support!