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  1. BASys

    FSDeveloper Wiki

    Hi Folks Arno - How about just - - Setting all accounts to BLOCKED, (use Mediawiki's PhpMyAdmin MySQL to set). - Disabling new automatic signups Whilst still in PhpMyAdmin, UNBLOCK your admin's accounts. ;-) Then if any forum member wishes to contribute to the Mediawiki have the user email...
  2. BASys

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    MSFS - Vertically displaced reflections Hi Folks Apologies if any of this is 'sucking-eggs'. ;) All info below is IIRC. Henrik - It's all looking exceptionally nice. I don't have MSFS, but from FSX, and prior versions - I'm guessing from your piccy that model's origin is substantially...
  3. BASys

    NDB doesn't appear to be working

    Hi Folks Dai - Your two examples both show up in FSX. RANGE - Were you testing from within a close enough distance ? v1 == Oppendorf, Germany v2 == Bouvet Island, Antarctica BTDTGTTS :) IRL & Sim North == Positive East == Positive In-Game MAP ? Depends on 'Intl Settings', or legacy USAnian...
  4. BASys

    ICAO not recognized

    Hi Folks Serge - FSER == Your airport's IDENT Simmers entering the IDENT FS?? will expect to start in the INDIAN OCEAN, as - F??? == Africa - ICAO REGION FS?? == Seychelles region == Global ICAO Region, see ICAO region/country maps country == Country, (political entity) state == State...
  5. BASys

    FS2004 Map & GPS Airfield/Seaplane base symbols question

    Hi Folks Leonardo - ATM I can't check your ADE file, as the power supply has failed on my main machine. However from inspecting your XML file, it contains lots of sceneryobjects, but the AIRPORT xml itself, contains no FUEL tags. Hence no Circle with Ticks Extra - Does your WINDSOCK...
  6. BASys

    NDB descriptions

    Hi Folks Dai - Don't know if you've gotten your NDB test-sample code to work yet ? IF NOT - Apologies if some of this is 'sucking eggs'... Particularly the WEATHERSHIPS specific info. Memories as a kid seeing them in Greenock's harbours. Please find some info/suggestions below on - -...
  7. BASys


    Hi Folks Arno - My apologies for not having raised these issues previously. I only investigated properly after loading an unrelated BGL yesterday where I'd observed a totally unexpected model HEADING MCX - Development version - 01/08/2020 For a BGL containing multiple objects - MCX -...
  8. BASys

    FSX FSX Entering Slew when Object Placment Tool is Opened.

    Hi Folks ychaix - Sounds like your joystick requires calibrating. With FSX shut down, in your OS -> Control Panel -> Game Controllers calibrate & save You might have to also repeat the calibration from within FSX. FSX menu -> Settings -> Controls -> Calibration tab -> click Calibrate HTH...
  9. BASys

    FSX SDK fail to install in Win10

    Hi Folks bernb - Many thanks for mentioning the W10 Ransomware Protection mechanism, No longer being a W10 user, I'd been unaware of its existence or capabilities. I'd received a user-report at the weekend that our ODG_Configurator was failing, and from the user's info, it was obviously...
  10. BASys

    FSX:SE Can I use the SDK Tools/Addons with FSX:SE?

    Hi Folks ubotes You're editing the wrong dll.xml dll.xml The version in FSX root folder is only a TEMPLATE used for repairing FSX. The various versions in the SDK folders are only EXAMPLES for you to manually copy. The only version that FSX reads is that from your roaming profile Please see...
  11. BASys

    FS2004 Map & GPS Airfield/Seaplane base symbols question

    Hi Folks Leo - Circle with Ticks == Airport with fuel See attached. HTH ATB Paul
  12. BASys

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    ...its both cheeks, or nothing. was he referring to Malia ? :cool:
  13. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Arno Cheers, I'll just use more basic foldernames. ATB Paul
  14. BASys

    Underslung Loads P3D v 4.5

    Hi Folks Karl - Don't know about P3D, but it does work in FSXA. You can try using/adapting the following package - FSXA - Slingloads in the sandbox - Package was a proof of concept created for FSXA Beta-Testers. - Enables a bunch of default scenery objects, to be used as liftable simobjects...
  15. BASys

    Website down time

    Hi Folks PRE-SUBMISSION EDITED - Following posting in other threads. All seemed to be ok late this afternoon. I'd viewed the new posts, then opened multiple threads, each in its own tab. I realised I hadn't logged in, so did so in one of the tabs. Then selected a different tab, refreshed it...
  16. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Folks Yep, understood that _LOD_ was causing an issue, but thought it an MCX parameter passing related issue. Whilst _LOD_ is not an XtoMDL command line reserved word, are there any other special meaning names I should avoid ? Many thanks ATB Paul
  17. BASys

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    Hi Folks Recently I managed to view the HD version of the videos. I was wrong there. Looks like the trees are volumetric, (rather than xyz planes). As they're volumetric, it's not an impostor. However that pic/scene also appears in the latest video, Global Preview Event, Episode 2...
  18. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Arno I've compared all the .X files, and they are identical (excepting creation date). I then compared the .XML files. FOLDERNAME - SUCCESSES - All were as expected. FOLDERNAME - FAILURES - 3/5 fails - I:\!_Test_MCX\99_Test_Cubes\02_GUID_LOD_1\...
  19. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Arno I've attached the MCX logs from the test. HTH ATB Paul
  20. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Arno A belated bug report. Whilst my main PC was busy doing other things, I began using my secondary PC to convert a set of FS8/9 models to FSX compliant. TASK OVERVIEW - As there were a large number of models to convert, and each required multiple actions during the conversion...