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  1. pinkjr

    Creating a second scenery on top of an existing one in the same location

    Took 2 seconds in Google https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/adding-non-airport-scenery-objects.457604/
  2. pinkjr

    MSFS No lights

    You can also add spot lights and point lights using MCX. I like modifying lights to my liking (may take several iterations), then export them and load into package source so I can load the changes immediately in the sim. Just another method for quick testing colors, range, strength.
  3. pinkjr

    MSFS Move Multiple Objects

    Another way is, if you want to keep them together, is to "group them" within the scenery menu. Then you can select the group directly and move it, lock it, hide it.....
  4. pinkjr

    MSFS Emission lights

    Totally agree with Mamu....this is an emissive texture candidate. You should be able to simulate the environment pretty good with proper texture planning.
  5. pinkjr

    MSFS TJPS Ponce, PR Airport

    Added night lighting, 100% accurate position and tones.
  6. pinkjr

    MSFS TJPS Ponce, PR Airport

    Well, about to make my first MSFS release. Lot's of learning the past few months, and lots of frustration dealing with MS for Marketplace access. Scenery is now 95% of complete. Ponce airport is currently serviced by JetBlue, Frontier, and Spirit....it is sort of NEO heaven. It will also include...
  7. pinkjr

    Time to Retire

    Just wanted to let you know I am now creating custom ground polys with your tool for MSFS, so ADE will remain to be relevant for years to come. Thank you Jon for your dedication, you have been an essential part of my development "hobby". David
  8. pinkjr

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    I have been waiting for 2.5 months now. What a stupid inefficient process. I have been developing since FS9 with several successful paywares, good recognition...yet no replies to emails after applying. I may just cave in for someone to rep for me in the marketplace who already has access. They...
  9. pinkjr

    MSFS Ground Poly Import as Mesh

    Got it to work! Some things I learned along the way.. -LOD at the sim needs to be at least 200 for lines to display solid and crisp -Z Bias on FS needs to be positive, just like FSX! the P3D negative bias doesn't work....it just ignores it. Layers DO work perfectly! -SDK Dev Mode is still the...
  10. pinkjr

    MSFS Ground Poly Import as Mesh

    Well, I started testing.....and created a new ground poly with taxi lines using p3dv5 as a baseline.....and so far so good. I'll continue to test as I add more features to see if something triggers it back. Thanks!
  11. pinkjr

    MSFS Ground Poly Import as Mesh

    I tried loading a P3D Ground Poly as a Projected Mesh...and to my surprise it is not too bad.......except for these line irregularities, which happen every 200ft or so. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!
  12. pinkjr

    Taxi and Holding Lines

    I have tried this but there seems to be breakouts when projected, either they get burried into the ground at a distance, or the lines sort of slip.
  13. pinkjr

    Some of my customers report missing textures in some default assets

    Just saw a post of someone pointing to that exact approach light on InBuilds Stansted, so it must be an issue.
  14. pinkjr

    MSFS Jetway Model (paid)

    I will give you a detail model of a custom jetway. It will have the main jetway sections, fully textured using PBR materials. Your task? Load it into Blender or Max, add the IK handles and export as an working MSFS jetway. Up to it? Message me! Thanks for looking.
  15. pinkjr

    MSFS Partner Program

    I posted it on the MSFS forum and the moderator elevated it and they fixed it. It works now.
  16. pinkjr

    MSFS Partner Program

    That sucks. I can't even access the application server, it errors out continuously. And I really want to be able to access marketplace as I have a lot of customers on XBox.
  17. pinkjr

    MSFS Partner Program

    Everytime I try to access the application page I get the same error:
  18. pinkjr

    MSFS Partner Program

    How can I check the application status?
  19. pinkjr

    MSFS Light Bloom

    OK, created a Point Light within MCX "Attached Object", with a VERY LOW strength setting of 3 (default is P3D's 150). The light bulb itself is just a solid model with emissive texture and Day/Night texture shift. That was it!
  20. pinkjr

    MSFS Light Bloom

    getting somewhere....looks like MCX can actually add light bloom, will have to learn the parameters as default came very intense