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  1. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 Turbine Ag Cat Performance

    You will need to have turboprop engine sections in the air file instead of the piston engine ones. Basically, the rest can be the same. I'd be inclined to start over with an existing turbo prop file from P3D rather than messing with one from FS9. Roy
  2. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Modelling single-spool turbojets

    FS Thrust vs Altitude calculations Version 2 You can find this document in the Resources area of this website. It tells you how to sort out this problem in FSXA and P3D. MSFS uses similar tables for the engines and what they do is essentially similar. A single spool turbine just has a N1 section...
  3. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 Is there a way to reduce the thrust at runtime?

    I suggest you look at the SDK for FS2004 to see what that sim allowed you to do with spoilers. From FSX onwards you can set variable amounts of spoiler extension. Roy
  4. Roy Holmes

    Autogyro Prop and Rotor Question

    You need to animate the prop and rotors using the FSX method. Earlier versions of FS did it in a way that will not work in FSX. If you cannot find a FSX SDK, use a P3D one, it uses the same animation method as FSX. Roy
  5. Roy Holmes

    Custom Camera Views For FSX

    I would think it is above sea level since that is the definition most in use for altitudes. If so it would correspond to a flight level definition. Roy
  6. Roy Holmes

    Custom Camera Views For FSX

    If you look at the Camera section of the SDK you should find the answer. For a fixed Observer Camera the altitude is in meters. Roy
  7. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Has anyone figured out what the modern prop parameters mean?

    http://www-mdp.eng.cam.ac.uk/web/library/enginfo/aerothermal_dvd_only/aero/propeller/prop1.html Some of this might help, it is a complex mathematical issue. Roy
  8. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 Fuel flow at different Mach speeds

    What you are seeing is the effect of drag variation with Mach. If your fuel consumption rate is too high at a specific Mach number it is because the drag is too high. Since FSXA you can vary the interval between adjacent Mach drag values and fine adjust the transonic drag. Unfortunately, you...
  9. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 How to slow a prop...

    Ed, It is simple enough to accurately model a straight jet engine, because the sim has an excellent model built in. However the turboprop model is pretty bad and most developers will resort to their own external models. If you stay with the in-built model you have two major factors, the engine...
  10. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 Autopilot PID tuning offsets...?

    Krisz. The comments to Chris were not to you. They were to Chris who has done a lot of work on autopilots and made a comment on 9 Jan a bit up this page. I said earlier "The only variables you can write to in the sim are given in the SDK. Most of the sim code is not accessible, so if you want...
  11. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 How to slow a prop...

    Try "Turboprop Engine Tuning" 28 July 2018. Several good entries that discuss the subject of turboprop engine control Roy
  12. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Autopilot settings

    If you are in the left seat and do a perfect approach, the ILS indications on both sides of the cockpit will be identical and centered. However, looking forward, the left seat pilot will see he is left of the centerline and the right one will be right of the centerline. That makes the airplane...
  13. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 Autopilot PID tuning offsets...?

    You said you could not find anything about PID controllers, so I pointed you at the one example there is. The only variables you can write to in the sim are given in the SDK. Most of the sim code is not accessible, so if you want to do something more involved than the standard autopilot PID...
  14. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 Autopilot PID tuning offsets...?

    The standard autopilot uses PID control and you can vary the values in the autopilot section of the aircraft.cfg. nav_proportional_control=11.00 nav_integrator_control=0.20 nav_derivative_control=0.00 nav_integrator_boundary=2.50 nav_derivative_boundary=0.00 gs_proportional_control=9.52...
  15. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 Adjusting turboprop power curve

    Have a look at "Turboprop Engine Tuning. This Flight Dynamics section 18 Oct 2018 Roy
  16. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 Adjusting turboprop power curve

    In a pure jet the thrust comes from the exhaust gas flow directly. In a turboprop the thrust comes from the propeller and depends on things like prop RPM and blade angle. Very little thrust comes from the exhaust gas. In a turbojet 1506 directly varies the thrust with RPM so it is easy to...
  17. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 Adjusting turboprop power curve

    In P3D 1506 scales thrust with turboprops. Record: 1506 Turbine Thrust Scalars vs CN1 and Mach No. columns: 3 rows: 5 0 0 0.6 0 0 0 20 0.01 0.15 62 0.25 0.3 100 1 1.1 For example if you want less thrust at 100% CN1 when using the above example at zero Mach (center column...
  18. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Adding a Row to a Performance Table in Aired

    Typically 1506 has data for sea level zero airspeed (zero Mach) and sea level high Mach. The first describes the static thrust performance of the engine for different values of N1. If your idle thrust is too high, you can decrease it by reducing the value in 1506. However you cannot reduce it...
  19. Roy Holmes

    FSX How do I make contact points

    Look in the aircraft.cfg of any stock FSX airplane and you will see the contact points section For example: //0 Class //1 Longitudinal Position (feet) //2 Lateral Position (feet) //3 Vertical Position (feet) //4 Impact...
  20. Roy Holmes

    Aircraft Sources?

    It depends on the type and age of the airplane. By type I mean is it civil or military. If civil you should look for documents produced by the maker. If military and in service you may find technical orders on the internet, but if new and in service these documents are often classified. There...