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  1. DaveWG

    MSFS MSFS Asobo Official Blender exporter

    Export takes ages with 3.3.3, but a fraction of the time using 3.1.2. Also results in a much larger file size. Both versions of Blender using the latest exporter.
  2. DaveWG

    MSFS MV-22B Osprey Release 3.0

  3. DaveWG

    MSFS Recommendations for Substance Painter Texture Set Combiner for MSFS

    As Mike's.at says, you can texture bake multiple materials into one. There are plenty of YouTube videos on this.
  4. DaveWG

    MSFS Recommendations for Substance Painter Texture Set Combiner for MSFS

    You need to have both objects with the same material in Blender. Simply assign the same material to both, export to Substance and paint away.
  5. DaveWG

    MSFS Tiger Moth (Released)

    Nice. Are they clickable in external view, or is that the interior model with the camera moved?
  6. DaveWG

    Model Displays and Surfaces Move Properly ... But..

    You could try using the legacy importer program, that'll split the old aircraft.cfg file into the separate sections. https://msfs.touching.cloud/mods/msfs-legacy-importer/
  7. DaveWG

    FSX Prop Merge Failure

    Check the lod on both the prop and the aircraft are the same. I've had this in the past where the lods were different and the merged part wouldn't show up.
  8. DaveWG

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    Thanks. I did end up removing all traces of blender entirely, then reinstalling just 2.93. That worked, but I'll look into that info you mentioned for future reference.
  9. DaveWG

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    Thanks for the pointers, but I think I've tried all of those tips already. The 2.93 install of blender was fresh, with no other 3rd party add-ons installed. Only thing i haven't tried is removing blender 2.91, which I'm a bit nervous about as that's working fine and I don't want to screw that...
  10. DaveWG

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    How do you get this to install in Blender 2.93? On my 2.93 installation it throws up several errors when trying to enable the addon, although it works perfectly with 2.91.
  11. DaveWG

    MCX update

    I've had this trouble in the past, if I remember correct, it's turned out to be something in the notification settings in Windows.
  12. DaveWG

    MSFS Pilots Loading up Half Outside of Cabins?!

    I've seen this with one of my models. For me the pilot sits in the correct place, but for another user he's shifted about 6 feet forward. No idea what's causing it though.
  13. DaveWG

    I coded an Export for .mdl files.

    I've just spent most of the weekend trying to get one of my old models from Max into Blender. My version of Max is too old to support the latest MSFS tools so I need to use Blender. Getting the mesh, UV, and animation across successfully was a right pain and still has to undergo corrections once...
  14. DaveWG

    MSFS Pilot figures

    Don't include the dummy in the internal model.
  15. DaveWG

    MSFS Here's how to write you own ModelBehavior code.

    Thanks for the continual updates. This info has certainly made things easier. Do you mind if I use your throttle code in my project?
  16. DaveWG

    MSFS Here's how to write you own ModelBehavior code.

    Great information Anthony. Thanks for taking the time to figure these out and post your results in an easy to understand format.
  17. DaveWG

    MSFS The Goose flies again for MSFS

    I'm looking at converting the sounds for my Rapide to Wwise so was hoping to pick your brains of needs be! Lol.
  18. DaveWG

    MSFS The Goose flies again for MSFS

    Have you updated to the wwise sound system, or is it still using the old method?
  19. DaveWG


    Like this one? https://secure.simmarket.com/nemeth-designs-aerolite-103-msfs.phtml
  20. DaveWG

    FSX conditional animation in FSX

    Look up SODE (Sim Object Display Engine).