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  1. COBS

    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    "......... the aircraft started the descent when intercepting the glideslope, but it went down so strongly that it crashed into the ground ......" Your description sounds familiar . At this thread https://www.flightsim.com/forums/topic/31835-heavy-jet-ils-glide-slope-problem/ the OP described...
  2. COBS

    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    Hi Eric I do not have MSFS , but in FSX you need to select the NAV/GPS mode switch to GPS , could that be the Problem ? Cheers Karol
  3. COBS


    Hi Michael My panel is in FSX , however I would guess that the parameter will work in FS2004 . note that the :01 is for engine number one , for other engines use :02 :03 :04 ..... try the parameter as a test and do a flight to verify its function . Notice that I set each throttle to...
  4. COBS


    The following might be of use , <Element> <Position X="75" Y="354"/> <FormattedText X="310" Y="50" Font="Tahoma" FontSize="16" LineSpacing="18" Adjust="Left" Color="#93FF72" Bright="Yes" Tabs="0,1L,90L,205L"> <String>\t%Fuel Burn%\t%ENG #1 %((A:GENERAL...
  5. COBS

    MSFS Importing flight plan

    Open the GPS unit in your panel and view the Flight Plan listing page , see attached shot , See if the specified runway is shown and it's Index number. The Orange line in above shot is current active waypoint. Cheers Karol
  6. COBS

    FSX Toggle next waypoint leg activation

    With the PREV NEXT function provided in the previous post . these buttons increment or decrement by one waypoint per click . that change will be from whatever leg that is currently being flown by the autopilot . If you have a large flight plan . for example 80 waypoints , you might be flying to...
  7. COBS

    FSX Toggle next waypoint leg activation

    This is what I use </Area> <Macro Name="Button1">(L:VFDDAT mode,enum) 4 == (L:ChgWPt, number) (A:GPS FLIGHT PLAN WP COUNT, number) 0 &gt; if{ (A:GPS FLIGHT PLAN WP INDEX, number) -- (&gt; L:ChgWPt, number) (L:ChgWPt, number) (&gt; C:fs9gps:directToActivateLeg) (L:ChgWPt, number)...
  8. COBS

    MSFS Storing time in a local variable

    I'm not familiar with JavaScript , however following observations might be worth mentioning , {1} I presume that "SimVar.GetSimVarValue" would come first , then " SimVar.SetSimVarValue" , so you would be getting the current active time value , then setting an instantaneous frozen time...
  9. COBS

    MSFS Storing time in a local variable

    Hi Eric Although this is in XML it might help , https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/timer-2-diff-displays-2-diff-durations-same-location.442280/ Specifically , <Select> <Value>(L:DistanceTargetPos,nmiles) 6 &lt; (L:DistanceTargetPos,nmiles) 5.8 &gt; and...
  10. COBS

    ADF ident sound problem

    This is probably of no help , but this is what I use in xml to toggle ADF ident sound ON or OFF , and it works . <Area Left="216" Right="250" Top="0" Bottom="32"> <Click Event="RADIO_ADF_IDENT_TOGGLE"/> <Cursor Type="Hand"/> </Area> Cheers Karol
  11. COBS

    String loop causing index misnumbering

    As far as I know there is not a limit on the number of waypoints that one can use . In my case it is limited to 100 because I only make a provision for 2 characters for the Flight plan INDEX number , resulting in 00 plus 99 = 100 . If I allowed 3 characters I would have 000 plus 999 = 1000...
  12. COBS

    FS2004 How to "activate"/"deactivate" mouse click areas

    Another example of Visibility used in a Mouse area . It is one button contained in an MFD , it does multiple functions on a single page as well as different functions on different pages . <Macro Name="Button10">(L:DAT49 mode,enum) 2 == if{ (&gt;K:NAV2_RADIO_SWAP) } (L:DAT49...
  13. COBS

    FSX Turbine Inlet Temp Gauge

    Hi Matt I think that this might be the problem , (A:General eng1 TURBINE INLET TEMPERATURE, FAHRENHEIT) The Senaca V had a Continental reciprocating piston engine , not a turbine . My guess is that the instrument that you are after is either a inlet temperature gauge for , Intercooler or ...
  14. COBS

    FSX RPM Warning Lights (XML)

    Try , <Element> <Position X="144" Y="35"/> - <Select> <Value>(A:Electrical master battery,bool) 1 == (A:General eng1 rpm,RPM) 2600 &lt; and</Value> - <Case Value="1"> <Image Name="green.bmp"/> </Case> </Select>...
  15. COBS

    XML Syntax Question

    It really is simple , if it is just one left click , then you have two options. Option #1. <Click> (L:var1,bool) 1 == if{ do something } Option #2. <Click Kind="LeftSingle"> (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 == (L:var1,bool) 1 == and if{ do something } This line " (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 ==...
  16. COBS

    FSX Angle of Attack 2D Guage

    Hi Adino Initially I tried to model the F-111 indexer which has the Onspeed at an AoA of 10 degrees , however flying the 2D panel at 10 degrees resulted in the runway being hidden out of sight below the panel , so I kept reducing it until the Onspeed was at 8.1 degrees AoA , then I could see...
  17. COBS

    FSX Angle of Attack 2D Guage

    Hi Adino Please find attached zip with the AoA Indexer instrument . Cheers Karol
  18. COBS

    FSX Angle of Attack 2D Guage

    Ran some tests in a different aircraft . The STALL ALPHA returned a fixed value of 15.99 degrees . However the Stall light did not start illuminating until the Angle of Attack reached a value of 20.28 degrees , note the Stall light variable in attached shot . I suspect that your " Stall warning...
  19. COBS

    FSX Angle of Attack 2D Guage

    The second shot is great . * 2 X Torque gauges indicate twin Prop jet * Rad Alt 850 AGL , and VSI -600 FPM * Airspeed 79 kts in Double White flap arc * No Flaps deployed , if I'm interpreting it correctly should be 2 stages fully down , you are only 4 kts off bottom of white arc . * I presume...
  20. COBS

    FSX Angle of Attack 2D Guage

    This is an odd line <Script>(A:INCIDENCE ALPHA, number) (A:STALL ALPHA, number) / abs</Script> it is a Ratio of , Angle of Attack divided by Stall angle , so at the moment of stall it returns a value of 1 . Basically the gauge is graphically telling you how close to the classic stall you are...