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  1. 12bPilot

    P3D v5 Sode and P3D Instant replay issue

    Hi, This is a limitation of the simulator's way to handle injected SimObjects during replay: They are not rendered at all! Happens to every scenery that uses this mdl injection technique (e.g. couatl from FSDT). I have reported this years ago to Lockheed Martin's P3D team, but never got a...
  2. 12bPilot

    P3D v4 Possible to play sound without animation?

    Yes, sounds are only possible together with triggered animations, since this was not possible using the official FSX SDK. However, static sounds can of course be added using FS SDKs effects system. I think this project has used static sounds for ambient noise as attached effects and used SODE to...
  3. 12bPilot

    *** SODEPlacer V0.6 ***

    Updated to v0.6: Support for the (optional) TargetSim node for the entire xml project. Using the TargetSim node, you can specify that this xml is only used for a specific simulators. A use case would be to have non-PBR SimObjects display in sims prior P3Dv4 and PBR SimObjects in P3Dv4 and v5...
  4. 12bPilot

    P3D v4 SODE Jetway float?

    What does the SODE.log say? How does your xml look like?
  5. 12bPilot


    No, you just need to ensure the client objects are within 40km of the data probe. I would even go as far as installing a data probe for a cluster of wind turbines and place it in the center. This will certainly ensure that 40km radius requirement. No, SODE updates its bubble as you fly through...
  6. 12bPilot


    Got them, thanks. You sir found a bug! It was quite tricky to hunt this one down, since it was due to a special, uncommon use case of SODE: Placing multiple objects (wind turbines I guess) over a large area. The problem was that while some of the objects were indeed within the SODE bubble of...
  7. 12bPilot


    Sorry, I don't frequent this forum that often these days... Could you zip those 312 xml files and PM the zip to me? I don't even need the models, just the xmls. I can then run the debug version of SODE on those files and see what could be wrong. Something about a SimObjects called "WEA"...
  8. 12bPilot

    GSX trigger for SODE object

    Hi Timm, Very cool idea! Yes, this is how it works in Zurich for example with the gate lead-in lights. Right now, this is not possible. But I have noted your suggestion and will look into it. Best regards, Jeffrey
  9. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    Yes, that's exactly how it works.
  10. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    No. The VDGS placements are just ignored and not injected.
  11. 12bPilot

    FSX Texture.cfg fallback works in P3Dv4 but not in FSX.

    I think it is a limitation of FSX and how it handles those fallback paths. More specifically, I think it does not support absolute paths, only relative. But I haven't found any info on this assumption in the official FS SDK, but when I once tested an absolute path, then the textures didn't show up.
  12. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    Thank you! As for a guide: Here's a tutorial for SODEPlacer -> https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?document=tutorials/vdgs-workflow I highly recommend using a visual tool for placing the VDGS, setting them up manually (especially the stopline positions) is cumbersome.
  13. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    Do you mean create your own VDGS models or just placements? Own VDGS units, no. Each VDGS of the different manufacturers have some specialities which can't be handled by a generic script as for jetways. If there's need for other VDGS types, I'll expand the pack in a free update. Own placements...
  14. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    Finally released today on a main add-on online market... :)
  15. 12bPilot

    *** SODEPlacer V0.6 ***

    Updated to v0.5: Support for placement of VDGS boxes if you have purchased the SODE VDGS Pack Added support for manipulating the heading of a selected object using the mousewheel and key modifiers SHIFT, CTRL Fixed several minor bugs
  16. 12bPilot

    SODE simobject placement : nocrash attribute ?

    Hi, You need to attach the "No Crash" property to your model within your modelling tool of choice, using the FS SDKs "Attach Point Tool" (e.g. http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/modeling/using_modeling_tools.html#The%20Attach%20Tool )
  17. 12bPilot

    PAPI SeparationPlane Limits

    Hi! Are we talking about FSX? In that sim, the update of the object's (visual) state is depending on the bounding box/model radius. This limitation doesn't seem to exist in P3D. Also animations are affected if you are too far away from the object, they just stop visually, while the internal...
  18. 12bPilot

    v1.6.4 Conditional Visibility bug

    Good to hear that there's not a huge FPS loss, I was just imagining a scenario with hundreds of such individual lights which is more computation heavy than a single model with hundreds of light polygons. There is a solution to this: Fresnel Ramp. It is described in the Modeling SDK (FSX...
  19. 12bPilot

    Feature Wishlist

    That would go way beyond the scope of SODE, since that would require a customizable scheme to implement finite state-machines...and that using XML! That would be a nightmare to design and code. Such a customizable system would need to go into the core engine of the sim itself and supported by...
  20. 12bPilot

    v1.6.4 Conditional Visibility bug

    Well, you've hit a limitation of the current SODE, which is the combination of the EnvironmentalDataProbe with grouped, multi-placed SimObjects. It just can't resolve the individual objects to hook them up to the data probe. I have fixed that now for the next version, but you can overcome this...