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  1. AnelToro089

    MSFS Chunilna Cabin Strip - Talkeetna, Alaska

    Love it, amazing work mate!
  2. AnelToro089

    MSFS [Solved] Anyone able to do a Max to Blender conversion?

    You probably heard but soon we will get a official Blender exporter importer from Microsoft. They also said all the samples are coming for blender as well. Be patient :)
  3. AnelToro089

    Blender MSFS Blender Texture Unwrap

    You can unwrap it part by part using bake from view or something like that. I made my texture using that. Also placing seams is important as well. Look up tutorials from Blender Guru his chair uv unwrap is a good starting point.
  4. AnelToro089

    MSFS Substance Painter MATERIAL Preset

    Well it does just that, when your done texturing it and export using that present it gives you 2 textures. Albedo, comp and normal map.
  5. AnelToro089

    Best practices for MSFS 3D-design?

    Question 1 Why is a newbi using 3d Max ? Why pay you can use the free blender and get the same resoults. The community of blender is really newbi frendly and there are a bunch of people making beginner tutorials. If you switch to blender look on yourtube for BLENDER GURU. He has a couple of...
  6. AnelToro089

    Baking AO for cars

    You can also use Substance Painter to burn AO there is even an option to add an imaginary gorund plane. Good luck!
  7. AnelToro089

    MSFS texture workflow, bsuggestion for best method

    In my opinion it depends on many factors. For example is it a HERO Asset in this case it is. Then the time you want to spend on it, avaiable resources. And remmember every good texture beginns with a good UV Map. Use that UV Space to the maximum mybe your dont even have to make more then 2...
  8. AnelToro089

    MSFS Substance Painter MATERIAL Preset

    Hi there, Its already made head over to the Resources https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/substance-painter-p3d-pbr-texture-export-preset.260/
  9. AnelToro089

    MSFS First Project - Small Airfield

    I would love that help as well
  10. AnelToro089

    MSFS Implementing Roads and road traffic in MSFS2020

    There's only good when your making a bridge nothing more.
  11. AnelToro089

    MSFS Creating " simple" moving trains

    One can animate a small track so the train drives back and forth. I'm still waiting for full train support in the sdk
  12. AnelToro089

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    Hey people where do 3rd partys buy their aerial imgs from? I mean developers like gaya or orbx.
  13. AnelToro089

    MSFS LQBI Bihac Sport Airfield

    Oh yeah, about the tris the fort itself is around 100K and pro Hangar 200-500 I keept them pretty low poly.
  14. AnelToro089

    MSFS LQBI Bihac Sport Airfield

    What do you mean by nearly the same hangars ? And no I don't do google rips. I make my own photogrammetry with my drone.
  15. AnelToro089

    MSFS LQBI Bihac Sport Airfield

    Thank you :) a lot more is comming soon
  16. AnelToro089

    MSFS First Project - Small Airfield

    Ok your going full crazy on this one :D Cant wait to try it out. And tbh with this lvl of detail you should also make some missions with it. Landing Challanges or something similar! Cheers!
  17. AnelToro089

    MSFS LQBI Bihac Sport Airfield

    My first ever scenery for a simulator ever. As matter of fact this are my first 3d models ever made since I just recently started learning blender and the exploring the whole 3d world. The Fort I did is my own photogrammetry that I made using a drone and the textures for my 3d models are...
  18. AnelToro089

    MSFS First Project - Small Airfield

    Hello there, very nice progress in the 3d world. I can say I'm a bit like you as well started with blender only a couple of moths before and now I'm doing hangars and buildings like it's no time. And as you I redo them a lot xD but I have to say every time I do that I learn something new. I will...
  19. AnelToro089

    MSFS Transparency with Substance Painter and Blender

    Hello there Chris, With my test till now I found out the the best way to make glass work is not to use any texture! Here are my settings for one small tower building. Note: In Blender the glass will appear 100% transparent and with no reflections but in Game Engine it looks like it should.
  20. AnelToro089

    MSFS Everything about CGL generation [Custom DEM works]

    Hello there people there is a open source 10cm DEM for Austria avaiable for everyone to freely use at this site https://www.data.gv.at/katalog/dataset/dgm/resource/b347b029-3fd5-448a-8c2c-07f483c2c56e is anyone interested in bringing this to the game. My brain just dosent work sometimes and...