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  1. YohanNaz

    Substance Painter Poll: One Material with Masks, or Many Materials?

    I use a combination of the two when necessary. A simple object that only requires a single shader type like MSFS_Standard should only need a single set unless I need a tileable texture somewhere. For example, a model I'm currently working on has two sets, one for the repeating texture for the...
  2. YohanNaz

    SDK Crash when click on build package

    Did you download and install the updated SDK
  3. YohanNaz

    MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

    Here's a little update to the handler, learned how to add decals in SP and also learning the need to improve my UV layout and texel density. I'm 75% happy with the results so far but need to figure out why my diamond plate looks like a blurry mess down the center.
  4. YohanNaz

    MSFS Animation - Landing gear - Blender

    Vitus has answered similar questions before, this link might help: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/blender2msfs-support-thread.448402/post-854745
  5. YohanNaz

    MSFS FS2020 Detail Textures

    This is all the info I've seen in the doc's so far: Good luck and let us know if you figure it out.
  6. YohanNaz

    MSFS Parallax Windows - how to make them work with Blender2MSFS ?

    Here's something that might help, this is a port of sample materials from 3DS Max to Blender and parallax windows work fine. Just have to tweak the settings in Blender and export to see results. Last I checked Blender doesn't show the parallax preview...
  7. YohanNaz

    Is substance painter worth it for scenery design?

    Only problem with this license as far as I know is that you don't get the 30 credits/month for downloading materials like you do with the monthly sub. I'm doing the monthly route till I find a better reason not to. @SceneryFreak I installed and used the 30 day trial and learned the program...
  8. YohanNaz

    MSFS Mikea.at - Asset Pack

    Hope you don't mind the screen shot, had to see how your helicopter looked on my handler!
  9. YohanNaz

    MSFS Missing textures in MSFS

    "Textures ...\HOH\PackageSources\scenery\modelLib\textures\" Looks like the "textures" folder is the problem, should be "texture".
  10. YohanNaz

    Blender Normal map lighting issues

    Are you starting your SP project as DirectX or OpenGL normals? I was starting mine as DirectX and when using the FS2020 excporter my normals were getting flipped to OpenGL ;). Edit your project configuration back to OpenGL if it's DirectX and try exporting textures again.
  11. YohanNaz

    MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

    Figured out part of the problem I was having getting textures to look correct in MSFS from Substance Painter. My project was started using the "DirectX" normal method and exported with the FS2020 template which flips the "Y" ch assuming OpenGL normals which gave me OpenGL normals :banghead...
  12. YohanNaz

    Blender Normal map lighting issues

    The fs2020 Substance Painter export template is what you're looking for. SP will export the Normal in DirectX method, it's in the export options. Select the preset in the dropdown during texture export. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/substance-painter-export-presets-for-msfs-2020.257/
  13. YohanNaz

    MSFS Textures very bright on the sun

    Looks like you need to flip the "Y" ch for the normal map. Check this thread: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/normal-map-lighting-issues.449936/
  14. YohanNaz

    Why does this happen when I try and bake Ambient Occlusion?

    Was thinking the Margin could be an issue but now not so sure.
  15. YohanNaz

    Blender Normal map lighting issues

    To touch a little further on this, the reason this exists is due to OpenGL versus DirectX methods for rendering normals. MSFS is using the DirectX method. From Google: "In terms of normal maps, the difference result in how the green channel of a RGB texture should be interpreted. OpenGL...
  16. YohanNaz

    MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

    Sticking to putting assets into KSOW scenery directly.
  17. YohanNaz

    MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

    Not looking same in game yet, think I have issues with the normal map or something. Time to start troubleshooting.
  18. YohanNaz

    MSFS Do triangle counts still matter?

    Arno, I'm curious at how much video memory is used for that mesh versus trying to mimic the details with more higher resolution textures? It might be less resources (reasonably speaking) to use higher poly dense meshes like this then? Glad you brought this up as the project I'm working on isn't...
  19. YohanNaz

    Blender Exporting doesnt convert images to divisible by 4. Leaves as original .png

    The level of detail and scope of work involved in what you do versus what I'm doing are very different indeed. One day I hope to advance to a level where I'm thinking on a similar plane as you when approaching such a project. Here's the project I was inspired to do, almost have it complete...
  20. YohanNaz

    MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

    :) :cool: Thank you, ColorID's are made using TexTools uv mapping tools plugin for Blender. It creates the materials in the blender material stack and then also bakes the map (currently using TexTools Diffuse Bake). Attached a screenshot of the UV editor with TexTools open. As you can see in...