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  1. bina

    Placemark.io goes open source

    Hi there, I'm not a scenery designer but I thought it might be interesting for those of you who are before their servers go south some time in future. Placemark is basically an online tool to develop data for geographical maps.
  2. bina

    MSFS Finally managed to get my old FSX airfield into FS2020

    It might sound philosophical but anything handmade is way better than auto-generated, especially in the FS world. Please keep it up!
  3. bina

    P3D v4 UGAM - Ambrolauri, Georgia [Released]

    Indeed, it's nice to see you back with a new one. Good luck with this one and, most importantly, Kutaisi (was there last year - beautiful)!!!
  4. bina

    Vote Now!!!

    Thank you for listening! Voted for KHDN, as this one and KAPA were obvious choices for me. I like flying in the mountains. The higher the better... :) Good luck with all your projects! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  5. bina

    P3D v4 UGGT - Telavi, Georgia [Released]

    Hi David, Well, I still consider myself a rookie when it comes to scenery design. Some months ago, to refresh my skills and after being very disappointed with the quality of DD's photoscenery for Azerbaijan, I started off with the design of two small islands near the Absheron peninsula (also...
  6. bina

    P3D v4 UGGT - Telavi, Georgia [Released]

    David, your work on both airports (and Kutaisi and Ambrolauri I'm following closely) is outstanding and much better than some payware out there!!! Please keep up! Your work is an inspiration for me to continue where I left long ago with the neighbour, Azerbaijan... :) Thanks!
  7. bina

    What is a valid PLN flight plan?

    Thanks, Tom! I finally made a custom schema, as you suggested. So far the XML validation tool doesn't throw errors on selected PLN files. Works with FSX and P3D. Hope somebody finds it useful too.
  8. bina

    What is a valid PLN flight plan?

    Basically, I'm trying to make an XML schema against which I'll try to check and validate a .PLN flight plan (FSX and P3D) using my validation tool and return true if it passes the validation successfully. I'm using FSX but I suppose the content of a P3D flight plan is based on the same XML...
  9. bina

    Registry Keys FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2

    Does the list of keys in OP still hold true? I use FSX Accel only, but I'd like to know installation paths to P3D in the windows registry for the app I'm working on. I'm particularly interested in Prepare 3D v2, v3, and v4. SODE FAQ also mentions "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed...
  10. bina

    FSXA Batch file to start app before FSX

    Just to clarify... If I run the batch file as administrator, does that mean that both TrackIR and FSX also run with admin privileges?
  11. bina

    FSXA Batch file to start app before FSX

    Thank you SO much!!! Both tips worked well for me. Every time I learn something new here... :)
  12. bina

    FSXA Batch file to start app before FSX

    Good evening! I often forget to launch TrackIR before FSX, as required by Opus Software. So, I've written a simple batch file to do this for me instead of starting FSX.exe: @echo off cd "C:\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5" start TrackIR5.exe timeout /t 5 /nobreak cd.. cd "D:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft...
  13. bina

    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    No problem, Thomas, I can live without the tables for now. I've never flown on a real Soloy, so cannot comment on engine performance but indeed your work is top notch and deserves all the best for a freeware aircraft. :) It flies very smooth. Next time I should be more careful with the airspeed...
  14. bina

    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    Can you please advise how I can adjust the speed? I'm kind of blind without performance tables, so I apologize for my ignorance... I'm a regular low flyer, maybe that's the reason I constantly get the airspeed needle near the red mark at altitudes at or below 5000; throttle at almost 50% cause...
  15. bina

    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    Oh my... Finally, it's released! Thanks a million, Thomas!!! v2.0 was/is awesome, I guess the next version is superior... I wish I was as talented as you are...
  16. bina

    Yandex.ru maps in SBUILDERX

    David, As said above, Yandex isn't compatible (yet?) with SBX by default. Kinda PITA... But you can try SAS Planet for downloading and stitching imagery from various resources including Yandex: https://bitbucket.org/sas_team/sas.planet.bin/downloads/ Especially useful for the Caucasus area I'm...
  17. bina

    Little Navmap flight planner - beta released

    Alex, Finally full Navigraph integration is possible! Thank you very much for this option!!! However, I've noticed an issue with saving PLN files after adding airport procedures to the flight plan. LNM inserts the names of relevant procedures into PLN as comments in green (I guess for internal...
  18. bina

    P3D v4 Getting into development

    Here is my shortlist for the scenery project I'm working on currently: SAS Planet for downloading and stitching imagery - useful for photosceneries: https://bitbucket.org/sas_team/sas.planet.bin/downloads/ Blender - for modeling 3D objects. I've chosen it since it's freeware and has almost the...
  19. bina

    P3D v4 News from Hamburg

    Looks outstanding indeed! Guys, sorry for my 'Aerosoft OMSI language' pushing the flight-sim into the limits but I wonder if you plan to turn the buses into AI planes with flight plans so that they can occasionally stop at the bus-stops and carry on after getting the pax on... :D
  20. bina

    FSXA Water Polygons at QMID levels 7 and 11

    Thank you, gentlemen!!! Your professional tips mean a lot to me... Another dogma swept away. :) If I'm not mistaken, Holger, your statement compliments the following one from SDK: which basically means that the developers are not limited to the default clip level specified under <Geometry>...