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  1. kevintampa5

    3rd party 3d grass

    I dont know if there are any for ADE. THis is a sketchup subthread. I know there are libraries of 3d grass. Some payware, some free. Not specific to ADE but any 3d object placement tool in most cases.
  2. kevintampa5

    Learning Blender

    blender is easy to learn if you want to learn it. Also note, there are 3rd party themes that change the ui to mimic various 3d programs on the market. I have seen them for 3dsmax, Maya, Houdini, ZBrush, etc. Just have to search the various forums. I originally used Maya6. Back in that time...
  3. kevintampa5

    Exporting from Blender to .X

    it can for objects, not so sure it works as well for aircraft
  4. kevintampa5

    This doesn't look hard.

    It sounds like it would be complicated but they are all pretty simplistic. If you want, call up a local aircraft mechanic and see if they will let you explore the workings of the pulley system. They will usually allow you to come in and watch as long as you dont touch. Also if they work for a...
  5. kevintampa5

    We lost one more Hollywood ICON.

    Not sure this is the place for this discussion.
  6. kevintampa5

    Error msg in SBuilderX

    What version of fsuipc you have?
  7. kevintampa5

    Robin Williams Dead at 63

    yes, sad. He took the Carradine way out, just no satisfaction from it.
  8. kevintampa5

    FS2004 Failed to create BGL file

    It could also be the UAC conflicting with actions, this was an issue for me in the past. Run bglcomp as admin.
  9. kevintampa5

    When the solution to a problem makes you feel stupid

    wow....in life generally everything I do this rears its head. Why wont my car star? because I didnt grab my keys from the night stand.
  10. kevintampa5

    shapelib.dll crash - SBX 3.14

    Have you tried to run in compatibility mode? That would run it in 32 bit on a 64bit os that would possibly tell you if the dll's are mixed up. Did you run the 32 or 64 bit regsrv32? You can try running the associated regsrv32. On 64-bit Windows, there are two versions of the Regsv32.exe file...
  11. kevintampa5

    shapelib.dll crash - SBX 3.14

    I know you mentioned you have administrator privileges and you disabled UAC, but try to run it in administrator mode anyhow. This might be your issue. The reason I think this is because of this statement From what you can tell suggest you may not actually have full control of the entire drive...
  12. kevintampa5

    FS2004 Building a flight simultor

    Wait you are building a flight simulator using FS9 as a benchmark or the coding of FS9 to make your simulator? Or are you building a home cockpit simulator?
  13. kevintampa5

    Looking for some productive criticism, and wisdom!

    I will watch them and give you feedback and let you know if I find anything that could be explained a little better. I know a lot of shortcuts and tricks in blender so this can only help.
  14. kevintampa5

    MS Flight to Return.....Hummmm

    Pilots are on the teams for nearly all the popular and good simulators made. ACES had what 7 or 8 flight instructors with ATP ratings to help. The ACES members have split and joined over 20 companies since it was dissolved. Only a few have made flight simulation material since.
  15. kevintampa5

    Malaysia Airline MH17

    Its not as hard as people think it is. Even at 20 miles away you can tell the difference between a 777 and a fighter with the naked eye. There is no confusion. For sake of discussion, you can generally tell by the transponder squawk code alone, which some systems can read on a target (Military...
  16. kevintampa5

    how to make textures look used

    A sign with that much rust on the edges I would expect it to have chipping and cracking in the paint with more fading throughout along with bleeding. It still looks too new for that much weathering.
  17. kevintampa5

    sbuilder runtime problem

    checkk event viewer for details
  18. kevintampa5

    P3Dv2 SDK and 3ds max 2010 x64 not launching

    give it time, someone will find a way to make it work.
  19. kevintampa5

    P3Dv2 SDK and 3ds max 2010 x64 not launching

    You can try the 32 bit version of max if the 2010 version is available in 32bit. If you can do that, just run it in 32bit compatibility mode from the 64bit system. Here is a guide to help you set it up if you are unsure how. Applies generically, not specific to 3ds but any 32bit program...
  20. kevintampa5

    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    this is looking just like the airfield