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  1. J

    Happy Birthday Arno!

    Hi Arno, Happy Birthday!!
  2. J

    Photoreal Indianapolis 2005

    Looks really good! I was wondering where did you get all those pictures, were they free? There is one disadvantage of aerial pictures, in my opinion: When you are flying low, you can mostly see that the resolution in Flight Sim is not very high. But from high altitude it looks really good and...
  3. J


    Hi, In my Aviodrome scenery I was strungling with the trees. I tried the trees from Gerrish Grey and from Arno, but couldn't get them working. After many questions about the release, I decided to release the version without trees. One posted a screenshot, first I didn't realize, but after...
  4. J

    Double sided object

    No, it isn't possible to access the plane modifier anymore after you've changed it to an editable poly/mesh/patch. When you turn the object into an editable poly/patch/mesh, you are mostly going to change the shape of the object and therefor Gmax isn't able to threat is as a plane anymore. If...
  5. J

    Double sided object

    You probably made the plane of multiple sub-planes, called segments in Gmax. If you set width and length segments both to 1, they should disappear. you can set it in the editor tab under plane
  6. J

    Double sided object

    Hi Brandon, You won't see it in Gmax as a double sides fence. The prefix is for FS2004. Gmax will only see it as a name not as a 'code' or something. If you place your object in flight simulator it should be double-sided
  7. J

    export problem

    Hi I have a problem again. :banghead: I get an error message when exporting, it says: Node tick18_box05 has a scale applied. Remove before exporting. How do I remove that scale as it says. thanks [edit] I mean remove the scale, without changing the dimensions of the boxes...
  8. J

    Distance controlled animations

    Hi Arno, I don't know what you mean by an IFINBOX, but I've that is a right way to check the distance, I'm sure that I and many people will find that very usefull. So I think it is worth the time, to put in into cat :cat:
  9. J


    Thanks Arno, it worked (of course). I had never used the motion tab before.
  10. J


    Hi, I had a question about animations in Gmax: When creating the animation of the T2 in the Aviodrome, the outer doors are starting later then the inner doors. Maybe I didn't explain that very clear. In an animation some parts starts to move direct and some other parts later (in my case at...
  11. J

    Aviodrome, EHLE, The Netherlands

    And another 2 pictures: Note: The aircraft is not included in the scenery, but can be downloaded via AVSIM.COM
  12. J

    make a video of what is on your screen

    Ok I tried it and it worked good. But now I'm stick with a 300 mb file :cool: It is a bit . . . large . . for publishing on the internet. Any ideas?
  13. J

    make a video of what is on your screen

    Thanks for your quick reply! I will try it.
  14. J

    make a video of what is on your screen

    Hi, I want to show something of my scenery in a video. So I need to record what is on my screen. I tried to search, but couldn't find a program that would do that. I don't know how to discribe it better. Maybe could Nick help, because he did it with his gate tutorials. So do you know which...
  15. J


    Hi Arno, I think it is very usefull for many people including me :) I was thinking to put people in my scenery aswell. One question: Are it 3D people or flat ones?
  16. J

    memory full???

    I know the sim doesn't load new objects, but reload the already loaded things. It seems a odd function, but I got so desperate that I tried it and then it worked normal. I checked, the problem only occurs when starting at the airport. When flying inbound, there is no problem.
  17. J

    memory full???

    Thought you would know as a scenery designer :p Yes {ctrl} {shift} {I} causes the scenery to be reloaded.
  18. J

    memory full???

    Ok going to do that, but If something is wrong, why does it work correct after pressing crtl shift I ??
  19. J

    General questions to Arno

    Ah aerospace engineering, couldn't be something else. Maybe we'll meet in our faculty, as I study aerospace engineering too, for 5 weeks already :p Which master are you following?
  20. J

    memory full???

    Hi, I'm using many high quality textures for my scenery. When I load the sim some things are not textured. It is always the same building (Schiphol 28) and my aircraft. After pressing ctrl shift [I] everythings is ok. Help, I thought everything was working fine and that I could release the...