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  1. arno

    Material Names

    Let me know when you see it, so that I can try to reproduce it. I did modify the reader already to ignore the auto generated names. So that will be in the next development release.
  2. arno

    Material Names

    Hi, I can't reproduce the issue with the zero at the end. As for the naming, the names in the X file need to be unique else there are issues. Therefore I don't think using the material name as you suggest will work. If some materials have the same diffuse texture, but some other settings are...
  3. arno

    Material Names

    Hi Thorsten, Not all formats can store material names. Actually only a few do. That's why they can be lost on conversion. In the x file I just number the materials to make sure they are unique. On import that is not read as material name of I remember correctly. The extra zero sounds like a...
  4. arno

    Keeps setting PBR to true when exporting *.glft

    Should metallic not be 0 in that case?
  5. arno

    Processing time for huge shape files

    That sounds like a different issue, as Thorsten was having issues importing data from SHP. Does it get stuck while detecting the features? A roughly 20 x 20 km area is something that should be possible to process at once, although it's probably a big image to load. Did you try to process the...
  6. arno

    Keeps setting PBR to true when exporting *.glft

    Hi, In the gltf format you can only export PBR materials, so that's why that setting is always true when exporting to glTF.
  7. arno

    Processing time for huge shape files

    As you see there has not been a lot of discussion since then. In general I get quite good loading performance in scenproc, but of course if you load a very big area it takes longer and uses a lot of memory. Are you encountering issues yourself and if so what kind of?
  8. arno

    P3D v5 Attach ground texture to an object... possible?

    I have never heard of the option of attaching a ground texture to an MDL object. As far as I know you can only attach an object to terrain vector.
  9. arno

    MSFS Scenery Package size is getting too big due to textures!

    How many textures do you put on each building then? Even if they are not 4K, having many per building can quickly add up.
  10. arno

    FS2004 3D Bldgs and Other "New" Features

    Hi, I never tried the buildings with FS2004, but the polygon limits are different from FSX. It might help if you combine various buildings into one object. The MergeScene step that do that. If the area is not flat you would need to use elevation data as well.
  11. arno

    P3D v5 Creating your own vector data?

    I'm not sure what you try to do with MCX here. Terrain vectors and their textures is not something MCX supports. When you use shp2vec to make the terrain vector bgl the polygons indeed refer to the guid from the terrain.cfg file to determine how the terrain vector should look in the sim.
  12. arno

    FS2004 aircraft mdl export

    Hi, The rudder issue seems related to a change I made recently to fix the rudder on another model. If you open the animation_mapping.ini file and then remove the line with rudder from FS2004_AXIS_CHANGE section the rudder will import as before again. [FS2004_AXIS_CHANGE] rudder 0,-1,0 I will...
  13. arno

    P3D v5 Problems with auto gen for photo real scenery around (33°33′37″N 73°2′0″E)

    No, haven't had the time yet to look at it. Been too busy with other things.
  14. arno

    FS2004 aircraft mdl export

    Thanks, I'll have a look.
  15. arno

    FS2004 aircraft mdl export

    Can you point me to a download link of the model you use so that I can test it?
  16. arno

    P3D v5 Water Detection idea (work-around)

    The error about the raster type is fixed if you take the latest development release. The MCX changes are nearing their end, so I hope to return to the scenproc features I was working on soon. But not sue yet if water detection is the first thing on my list then.
  17. arno

    FS2004 aircraft mdl export

    I recently made some changes to address this issue on certain models, like that A320 mentioned in the other post. Are you using the latest development release?
  18. arno

    Elder Models LOD issues Bloch MB131

    The fix is in the latest development release, so that's version 1.7.
  19. arno

    FS2004 3D Bldgs and Other "New" Features

    The new build with the fix is online now.
  20. arno

    Spotlight effect dependence on the aircraft?

    Hi, Sometimes FS does not load an effect directly using a controller can work around that. At the moment MCX does not use controllers yet, that's on the wishlist. You could try to reload your scenery and see if the effects appear then. In that case it's the issue I mentioned above.