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    MCX Can't associate .bgl .gltf file types with MCX

    Nevermind, fixed it by deleting every ModelConverterX entry from registry. Seems that it's a windows issue. Thank you!
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    MCX Can't associate .bgl .gltf file types with MCX

    It's same as double clicking. It's not opening.
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    MSFS Random animation start

    Hello guys! I have some troubles with an 3d human model, which I place multiple instances in the sim and their animation is synchronized, even if in the .xml I've put Autoplay, Random. The object itself has 4 LOD and only LOD0 has animation. I need to mention the fact that if I remove LOD's...
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    MCX Can't associate .bgl .gltf file types with MCX

    I can import any .bgl or .gltf from the MCX itself, but not when I simply double click on files.
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    MCX Can't associate .bgl .gltf file types with MCX

    Hello! Anyone encountered this problem when not able to associate .bgl .gltf file types with Model Converter X? Windows 11. If yes, this issue can be fixed? Thank you!
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    Looking for someone who could port 2 airports from MSFS to XPlane

    Hello! The title says it all. Contact me if interested.
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    Prepar3D v6 washed textures

    So, it looks like the issue is because of mipmaps, or something else when I save DDS textures. My previous textures were saved with Nvidia plugin for photoshop as DXT5 and they have 7 mipmap levels (?), but if I save now with the same setting, for some reason there are 11 mipmaps, and the last...
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    Prepar3D v6 washed textures

    By the way, in the first screenshot you can see the DHL building, which renders normally, and it has the exact same setting, except it doesn't have light map.
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    Prepar3D v6 washed textures

    I will change that and report back. Thx!
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    Prepar3D v6 washed textures

    Hello, @Pyscen Do you mean albedo color in Basic Properties? If so, then yes.
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    Prepar3D v6 washed textures

    Hello! Do someone know why my textures are like this? 4k textures, in v5 and v4 are displayed as they should. In the settings - 4096x4096 Thx!
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    P3D v4 Texture Texel Density

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    MSFS Same model with different textures?

    Hi all, Please, tell me if it's possible to have the same model (not simobject), for example a static car (for parking) or human, with different textures (liveries) for it? Thank you!
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    MSFS Polygon Falloff

    @jpfil , like here? https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/14972/terraforming-falloff-distance-problem.html
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    3d exported Black

    Had the same problem when importing speedtree object, and it was because of black vertex color, so Arno is right!
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    MSFS Parallax windows issue

    Thank you, @rhumbaflappy ! Works now like it should...
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    MSFS Parallax windows issue

    Hello, I have a problem, again. Parallax window material shows up perfectly in 3ds max (2021), but wrong in the sim itself. max and GLTF files I'm using the latest SDK. What might cause this? Thanks!
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    MSFS SDK 3DSMAX Plugin Bugs

    same here