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    FSDeveloper Wiki

    I would ask everyone to change their password now and to change it again every six months or so. I'm going to change mine now as I realize that I've have been using the same one for about 15 years.
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    ADE ver 178 Nudge Vertex Settings?

    Ken, It's so easy that even I can do it. Press the N key to reduce the value and Shift N to increase the value. I think that this is one of the most useful parts of ADE. I use it almost every time that I am working on an airport. Ed
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    Best way to import thumbs in LOM?

    Before you go through the objects one by one try deleting the object library from LOM and re-adding it after you have the thumbs folder in ADE. I've been using ADE 1.79 for some time now and I've never had to add the thumb nails one by one. Ed
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    KJAC and KCOD Problems

    You can check the Issue Manager box in the lower left corner of the screen. If it's red click on it and you will be shown items potentially causing problems with your airport. Disconnected parking spots are one the items that it will notify you about.
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    Best way to import thumbs in LOM?

    To answer your questions no and no. Just load the library object bgl into MCX and click on Save Preview Image button. Click on all objects scenery box at the top, select any other options that you want and then click the generate button. Ed
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    Best way to import thumbs in LOM?

    You can copy and paste folders containing thumbnails into your drive letter:\msfs\fs design tools\ADE version\simulator version\thumbs\your folder. You can create thumbnails for all the objects in a library object.bgl using MCX. Then just copy that one folder into the correct ADE Thumbs...
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    Asphalt runway edge line question

    elsmoko a ground polygon is simply a flat model that gets converted into a "ground polygon" and FSX then projects it on top of any other surface including runway textures. Since you have Orbx this is most likely where the edge lines are coming from. Somewhere in your FSX install are one or...
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    Asphalt runway edge line question

    Elsmoko it looks like the edge lines in your image are made with a ground polygon. Stock runway edges don't have black enhancements they are just white lines. ADE's file priority analyzer tool is only looking for airport files and will not find a ground polygon file. This ground polygon file...
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    Development release download speed

    Big increase in speed for me also Arno. 15 seconds or less. That's all I need.
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    P3D v4 fence builder pro

    This is the version available in the resources section https://fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/fencebuilder.98/
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    P3D v4 fence builder pro

    Do you mean Don Grovestine? If so go here https://www.owlsnest.eu/ and click on Don Grovestine's Stuff4FS.
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    Development release download speed

    Just downloaded the latest version. Firefox reported it to be 22.5 mb. The download took 6:48(mins: seconds) according to the stop watch on my phone. Firefox reported speeds from 38 kb/sec to a brief high of 72 kb/sec. Most of the time the speed was in the area of 40 to 55 kb/sec. Ed
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    Website slower?

    I see slow response but it's intermittent. Most of the time the response time is OK. Then I click on a thread and it takes 20 seconds or more to return. This includes signon/off.
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    Creating paintkit using MCX

    While I have never painted an aircraft model or made a paint kit for one I think that a graphic image editor such as Photoshop or Gimp would be a much better tool to use to create a paint kit. Ed
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    Happy Birthday to all of us

    I came for ADE and stayed for all the rest. I believe that I joined in April or May 2010. So I guess that I'm still a short timer at just 13 years. Thanks to everyone who's helped me over the years. Ed
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    This is just a shot in the dark. Is there an avionics master switch that is in the off position? Could be that's where the message is coming from. Ed
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    Can ADE do this?

    In ADE you can define the area of the town with a landclass, such as small city, that will create houses using autogen. If you fill that area with individual objects you may end up slowing your frame rates down in that area to a speed that is unacceptable. Ed
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    No runway light hardware visible in daylight.

    The default lights that you are using have no light object models included. So you see nothing in daytime. You can either model them and place them including some light effect so that the lights are visible at night or you can use a tool called Airfield Lights which will create simple light...
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    Time to Retire

    Thanks for all your work and support of ADE and your other tools. We march ahead standing on your shoulders. Ed
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    FSXA Landclass over default scenery problem

    You need to use Type "Exclude Specific", Tag has to be the exact surface and width of road such as "Roads Asphalt two lane undivided". You may have to try several different tags until you get the exact one. Ed