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    3dsMax 2022 Render to texture

    I used Scanline Render. Works well and pretty fast if you uptick the Super-sampling option.
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    MSFS PLOT Properties in 3DS Max

    Hi, Is someone know the meaning of the PLOT parameter in 3DS Max?
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    MSFS Roughness Clamped Values

    @Anthony31 Thank you for your explanation. This is something I should have done. I was testing with a single object and tweaking the values but having this spheres pattern is a better way to see the difference. It is a bit sad that we do not have any technical information from Asobo. Thanks for...
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    MSFS Roughness Clamped Values

    Any idea? :/
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    MSFS Roughness Clamped Values

    Hi, Something I don't understand is the way how the MSFS Engine is dealing with the roughness. Looks like the roughness values are clamped. It is not a full range between 0-255. I presume it is related to PBR physical correct values and computation optimization (less data to compute if you use a...
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    MSFS Node without unique ID error, when building an aircraft package.

    I tweak the 3dsMax script that was "hiding/freezing" the ASOBO Unique ID parameter and now I do not have any errors with ASOBO Unique ID in the SDK. Here is the location of the script and the new script that I tweaked. Path : I just changed this line code from "False' to "True". I am not a...
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    MSFS Snow control on runway and taxiway

    Do we have a new technic/solution about controlling snow on runway and taxiway? I know enabling color correction and tweaking the blue value is working but it also change the runway and taxiway look.
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    Rename Poly

    Same here. Works for aprons and others stuff but not for polygons.
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    MSFS VASI not showing the 3d object.

    Problem Solved. It was due to a conflict with the LightPreset (Airport) and LightRow asset and the GUID number of the VASI 3d mesh. The spacing option is still not working. Any idea why?
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    MSFS VASI not showing the 3d object.

    Hi, I have a problem with a scene that worked before SDK0.12 but not now anymore. My VASI lights are only showing the light effect and not the 3d object anymore. Plus the spacing parameter is not working. Tweaking this parameter have no effect on it. Any idea why?
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    MSFS Custom Taxiway Path Center Lines?

    Thank you very much for this. I really appreciate it and it is going to be very useful for me. I will try it and let you know my feedbacks. Cheers
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    MSFS Export basic animation from 3ds max.

    Thanks Kalong. I think I understand the code part about the animation and adding the GUID for each animation. Problem is in 3ds Max where I don’t understand how to name the animation.
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    MSFS Custom marking atlas manipulation

    Hi, I am trying to use a custom sheet of marking and use an apron to "pick" the good asset. Like the one used/provide by Asobo. It is kind of difficult to deal with. Do you have any advice for this kind of situation? I played with Local UV, UV tiling option of the apron's option but did not...
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    MSFS Custom Apron Texture - Normal Roughness Metal

    thanks for the explanation. x/y normal map channels make sense
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    MSFS Custom Apron Texture - Normal Roughness Metal

    I do not understand why you are using the Normal y in the Alpha channel of the COMP map. From the SDK help, it looks like they require to use the Normal z in the alpha channel.
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    MSFS Export basic animation from 3ds max.

    Hi, Do you guys have advice about exporting a basic animation from 3ds Max to MSFS? I tried to export a animated cube as a test and it did not worked. Is there something to do with Animation group or Animation Layer in 3ds max? I watched some Blender tutorial about this but I wasn't able to...
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    MSFS Floating Lines

    @astaticmusic it works. I tried to closed and reopen the project but the problem was the same. I didn't thought about clicking twice on it. @sunayk No Flatten, terraforming and altitude isolines. @geeman72 also works. It is interesting because I sharing (dropbox) and working on this airport...
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    MSFS Floating Lines

    Hi, Have you ever had your all project splines floating above the ground? It used to worked well yesterday but today all the taxiways path and painted lines are above the ground. It looks like the game is having some bad information with altitude. When zoom in or out just a bit, I can the shape...
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    MSFS Custom Taxiway Path Center Lines?

    Any chance to share this little program @mrbump 😬?