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    MSFS Railroad

    I'll bet that the bottom one is procedurally generated from OSM data. I don't know if it can be forced to appear on top of an ortho though. SDK seems to be silent about how to create countryside scenery.
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    MSFS VCockpit panel on external model?

    Hello all after some time. I am working with someone on extending a model they made with some extra functionalities. For one of these, I am wanting to put a VC "gauge" screen on a piece of geometry. Now, in the past, exterior was exterior, and VC was a VC, separate models, each...
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    MSFS Avoiding Piracy

    Troll or serious, just as annoying.
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    MSFS Avoiding Piracy

    Jeepers. For years we talk about how nice it would be to get new blood, then MS actually resurrects FS, and this is who we get? This isn't what I crawled out of my hole for.
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    Resellers stop using PayPal for payments

    All those fields are required to fully authorize credit card payment. There are different levels of authorization, and as you give less and less information to the card issuer as a merchant, you increase the chance that they will either fail to authorize the card, or even withhold money if...
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    P3D Simconnect backwards compatibility

    Hi, As per C++, I can confirm that a single DLL is useable MSFSX-P3D v3. v4 needs a separate one, however, the code is the same, just the compilation is different. Reference wise, obviously the v4 one references 64bit everything, however, for the 32bit platform, I only ever refer to a single...
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    Fokker 100

    Hi all, any idea if any efforts to contact Florian Praxmaxer were successful?
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    We need you help! Want to join the admin team?

    I wish I had the capacity Arno, but MS stack is not within my expertise and I don't really want to learn by doing here... plus, there's massive changes coming in my life, and I've no idea how I'll be managing...
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    Developer License

    by the same token, LM is the biggest contractor, they can easily afford to ignore the issue.
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    We need you help! Want to join the admin team?

    Is the MS/IIS combination hard set, or would you be interested in potentially moving to LAMP stack?
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    An NSA Cyber Weapon Might Be Behind A Massive Global Ransomware Outbreak

    W7 is not out of warranty yet, especially seeing as it was actually during an upgrade to an even-less-out-of-warranty version that this happened. Either case, I think that while using Administrator user for common operation is discouraged, it's still common enough to warrant a specific care...
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    An NSA Cyber Weapon Might Be Behind A Massive Global Ransomware Outbreak

    That does make a lot more sense from a user standpoint, although also not recommended, I would expect MS to handle this
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    An NSA Cyber Weapon Might Be Behind A Massive Global Ransomware Outbreak

    You know, all that does is copy Windows to Windows.old before installing new Windows. If you had personal files saved under C:\Windows\somethingorother, you only have yourself to blame.
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    FS2004 EGT Gauge in XML

    I figure by reading it it shows a different image, it's either 2 if it's greater than 8800pph, 1 if it's greater than 4400pph or 0 as default. But I can't for the love of me actually write anything in this craziness.
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    Small proposition

    Arno checked, forum software unfortunately doesn't allow it.
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    In Prepar3D V2, can you turn off reflections?

    careful so you don't break it. A good desk can be very expensive today!
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    Setting for Photoshop nVidia tools DDS Exporter

    This is what I use.
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    Rebuilding Rig; Importing a Registry

    What you would need to do, is attach the old registry hives into current system (temporarily). Like you have HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software...etc you'd do HKEY_CURRENT_USER\OLDHKEY\Software...etc. Then you can export all the stuff into a .reg file, which is essentially a text file. You'll still...
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    Rebuilding Rig; Importing a Registry

    Yes, do you only want to import simulator specific keys though? I can't recommend trying to import all the stuff. Been there, done that, didn't end well. (If your C: drive is still readable, I'd suggest making an image copy, but...it's not the case, is it?)