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    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    I have updated Conington Aerodrome to version 1.0.1 These changes include more detailed PBR textures, bumpy terrain fixes and wet ground effects. I have also added in some more general clutter where realistically suitable and added some interior objects to the conservatory. I have also...
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    FS2004 Exclusion rectangle not removing autogen trees

    SBuilder will often crash, just re-run it, save the project every now and again
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    FS Software Process, Development, and Quality

    Have you joined to respond to a 12 year old thread? pretty sure times have changed since then!
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    SDK Model Library.

    Unless you own the source models of the library, that BGL is compiled and you should not decompile it unless you have permission. If you do own the source files you will have to create the ModelLib within the project and use .gltf files to place.. or you can use MCX to decompile
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    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    This project is complete and is now available at SimMarket! https://secure.simmarket.com/aviasim-designs--conington-aerodrome-msfs.phtml
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    FS2004 Exclusion rectangle not removing autogen trees

    Just to add, if you go this route, you can create your _LC scenery structure like so Whatever_LC --------"scenery" (Drop your flatten/exclude BGL file here) - no need for a texture folder
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    FS2004 Exclusion rectangle not removing autogen trees

    Ok, I will give you a quick run down - Launch SBuilder, create project and locate your area of interest Select the "Polygon" tool, you will find it at the top which looks like a yellow card labelled "Polygon Tool", simply click that, then click on the map specifying your area to exclude...
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    FSDeveloper Wiki

    Couldn't you simply set it so any modification or new post has to be approved by you? that way, if you get multiple bogus requests from the same users.. remove their accounts or force password reset..
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    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    More progress at Conington I am now currently adding final bits of clutter and making final changes to the scenery, this will be set to release within 1 week
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    Time to Retire

    I don't think a lot of FS developers would be where they are now if it wasn't for your tools and knowledge, what you have contributed is invaluable and you will always be remembered in the community I'm sure of it. Enjoy retirement, you have more than earned it!
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    FS2004 Exclusion rectangle not removing autogen trees

    2 things you could try.. Firstly put the scenery at the top of the priority list, the problem should go away If you are using other global addons, I would reccomend creating an additional _LC scenery folder, in there you would just have all files for terrain, autogen and mesh, this would sit one...
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    FS2004 Exclusion rectangle not removing autogen trees

    Does this happen when the scenery priority is 1 or above any other addon that affects autogen?
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    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    More progress at Conington...
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    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    Dropping in last few clutter details now
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    MSFS EGSF Conington Aerodrome

    Very soon to be released by us is Conington Aerodrome, perhaps another week or 2 in development and it will be available to purchase at JustFlight and SimMarket. Check our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61559252611091
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    MSFS Avoiding CTD (Crash to Desktop) in DevMode

    Is anyone aware of an alternative method to editing airports? does ADE work with MSFS? Recently, whilst in Dev Mode working on a scenery project - I had a full HDD failure (Running on a new system less than 3 months old, crashed whilst trying to compile/save)... fast-forward to TODAY where I...
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    MSFS MSFS Developers

    Ask yourself, what does MSFS have to offer other than fancy graphics? why do you want to play a flight simulator? the answers will not match up, MSFS is anything but a flight simulator and has followed the same bs as FS9 and FSX with releasing a semi-functioning bug riddled SDK - they never did...
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    MSFS New Update

    Feels like I've just been completely screwed about by Microsoft - unable to play due to mandatory update, update in store message. MS Store (for days) said I was up to date (Yes, I do know to press the "Check for updates"). Turns out I needed to download yet another (3rd one thanks to MSFS) Xbox...
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    FSXA Problem with Sloping Terrain Polygon

    Yes, that is correct. :)
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    MSFS Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA)

    This is a thing of absolute beauty, well done!