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  1. Lan Chen

    MSFS (Released) VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport CSMIA Mumbai

    It looks so amazing and fully detailed. I'm wondering how much spec does it need?
  2. Lan Chen

    Time to Retire

    Thanks for your great contribution in FS community. Take care and enjoy your life.
  3. Lan Chen

    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    Hello, any updates? And how to apply VDGS on airports?
  4. Lan Chen

    Is using google map for scenery legal?

    I have a question on this: What source of satellite image does those freeware and paidware get? Not Google? And by the way, if I use it as a freeware, how could Google know it's me if I do not left any my information?;)
  5. Lan Chen

    Scenery Manager

    Is there any update or still progressing? I love the idea!
  6. Lan Chen

    P3D v4 My Weather Engine ( free )

    It's good for a freeware weather engine do as much as the shareware Active Sky effect. Though I am a FSX user and can't test it, but the result shown in your videro is great.
  7. Lan Chen

    FS2004 Phuket Airport in FS9

    That's quite amazing that there are still developers making project for that out-dated platform. Just keep going and waiting for the final project.
  8. Lan Chen

    Bell 505 JetRanger X

    It looks amazing! Hope for early completion;)
  9. Lan Chen

    FS2004 RELEASED - New Milan Malpensa LIMC scenery (by Albysim)

    That's an amazing project on FS2004, and I'm also glad that there are still anyone who make projects for FS2004, though I'm working on FSX now.
  10. Lan Chen

    Beijing City 2019

    Yeah, since 2019 will soon go away, but I'll be patient to wait for your final product. It is a very difficult project to build such a large city for only one individual and the progress is probably boring, but remind to keep a good mood and I am sure you'll reach your expectation at last.
  11. Lan Chen

    Blender 2.8 setup for FSX

    Hopefully the tool for blender 2.80 will come out soon since Steam has automatedly upgrade Blender to 2.80.
  12. Lan Chen

    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    Looks nice! Does it only work in P3D or can it be also running on FSX?
  13. Lan Chen

    Beijing City 2019

    Good to hear that, but it may crash my computer, I guess;).
  14. Lan Chen

    j-20 fsx

  15. Lan Chen

    FSXA SBX Install Problem?

    Excuse me, what's that and where can I find it?
  16. Lan Chen

    FSXA SBX Install Problem?

    The reality is, I followed your instructions above and re-installed it and created the shortcut trying to eliminate any possible problems but it did happen again. So I'm much more confused. I searched something about SBuiler in forums in my language and some have the opening problem due to the...
  17. Lan Chen

    Jetway SDK scripts don't working

    The previous SODE engine in my computer was v1.4, an older version, but now I re-installed the v1.6.3. However the jetway version was the newest, v1.6, but SODE_modeldef.xml is originally located in SODE_JetwaySDK v1.6 folder, and I just copy that, so maybe SODE version is not the cause. For I...
  18. Lan Chen

    FSXA SBX Install Problem?

    For I have never installed SBX314 before, so I checked again to use administration for ALL USERS, but still, that's now working. Maybe I should deleted the old folder and extract the compressor again? But the compressor has deleted from my laptop, I need to re-download the file again tomorrow.
  19. Lan Chen

    Jetway SDK scripts don't working

    I have uploaded the file cause I can't find any problem in it and probably you can find where I am doing wrong, or there maybe another problem elsewhere?
  20. Lan Chen

    Jetway SDK scripts don't working

    I think it is, I've copied all lines in SODE_modeldef.xml into modeldef.xml in SDK/Environment Kit/Modeling SDK/bin, and it doesn't work. I've tried either to directly copy all lines into this file or sort the lines first and copy each part into the file according to the group, eg. in...