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  1. Fiideell

    FBX export to SP problem

    Hello, after a while I wanted to texture a new hangar to my scenery, as allways I wanted to use Substance Painter and imported FBX from Blender. What the problem is when I import my new (hangar) object into SP, its weird and shiny on the UV map. See attache screenshot. When I import one of my...
  2. Fiideell

    Blender export to FBX

    well, found the issue, there was some extra UV map created for one of the obejct, deleted it and now it works fine :)
  3. Fiideell

    Blender export to FBX

    Hello, after some while I decided to re model my airport scenery from scratch. Its been a while since I worked with Substance Painter... My problem is it seems its not keeping UVs from Blender project and its all messed up when imporing to SP. My workflow follows: 1) create model in Blender 2)...
  4. Fiideell

    MSFS Pavement/Ground Poly Workflow (MSFS)

    I would be also very interested in some updated tutorial on how to do some fancy ground polys.
  5. Fiideell

    MSFS New terraforming

    Hi, for those in the SU12 beta, there is now updated terraforming. Finally with a greater resolution. Byt my question is, what is the "propper"/easiest way to create slope. I mean I can do a polygon and raise terrain, thats fine, but is there a way how to move lets say one side down?
  6. Fiideell

    MSFS Clearing runways/taxiways of snow

    Any news on this or are we still dependant on texture colors? :/
  7. Fiideell

    How to get rid of snow over aprons?

    Also interested.
  8. Fiideell

    MSFS Project load failed

    Oh yes. It was. Glad I reinstalled just before. It works now :)
  9. Fiideell

    MSFS Project load failed

    Hi, today I opted out of SU11 beta to be ready for the SU11, and when I try to load my projects it just wont load. All I get is this error window. What should I do? Thanks
  10. Fiideell

    MSFS Mis-located aerial imagery?

    Exactly. I dont know why. I tried to run the edited .bat file you have sent me in this thread https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/cgl-error-while-building-package.455724/post-908878 and it works just fine. These coordinates are correct. Here is one more screenshot of the tiles2bing bat...
  11. Fiideell

    MSFS CGL error while building package

    Wow, thank you for giving it a try. A came back because I got the same issue and your .bat just works fine. With the same input tiles it generates correct coordinates. But if I do it in cmd it just doesnt. I dont get it.
  12. Fiideell

    MSFS Mis-located aerial imagery?

    Hi, any idea why my tiles2bing is putting my tiles on the middle in the World somewhere to Pacific ocean? It was working fine, I have not changed my workflow. But now I cant get it to generate on propper location. All I get is this. Or is there any other way how to generate tiles for the sim...
  13. Fiideell

    MSFS CGL error while building package

    Used QGIS an tiles2bing. Followed this tutorial. Where can I find the number it should have?
  14. Fiideell

    MSFS CGL error while building package

    Hello, Im sorry, Im struggling again with custom CGL. Im unable to get it to the sim. It builds without any errors and I believe everything is OK on my side. But when I move the package to Community folder it just wont show up in the sim. If anybody is interested to help. I Attach the project...
  15. Fiideell

    MSFS Exported model is invisible in the sim

    Edit: seems the clean package and new build solved the issue :) Hi, I have created couple of sceneries to the sim so far. Using Blender 2.93 and MSFT Toolkit 0.4.0. Today I wanted to update one of my sceneries but unfortunately I have ran into an issue where the model is not visible in the...
  16. Fiideell

    Blender Cant export model (MSFS Toolbox)

    Hi, after some time I started creating a new scenery. Did the model in Blender as usual and wanted to export it for the sim as usual using MSFS Toolkit 0.4.0. But this time Im getting this strange error and dont know shat it means and how to fix it. Im doing everything the same way as before (I...
  17. Fiideell

    MSFS Custom aerial imagery not displaying at airport project

    Hello, Im having similar issue. Just created aerial scenery to overwrite default and cloudy maps. Project was built without issues but it wont show up in the sim. EDIT: I have done some testing and it seems it wont let me overwrite the cloudy areas for some reason. When I do custom aerial over...
  18. Fiideell

    MSFS CGL error while building package

    That worked! Thank you very much.
  19. Fiideell

    MSFS CGL error while building package

    OK, I got it built. The folder structure (created by the sim) and missing file from SDK samples was the issue. However, not the only one :) I got the package built but the custom aerial image is not showing up in the sim. I dont know why. Tried my best. If anyone is willing to lend a help and...
  20. Fiideell

    MSFS CGL error while building package

    Hi, Im trying to do my first custom CGL, however when I want to build the package Im getting error as seen in the picture and I have no idea what it means. Tried to google it but no luck. For some time the samples are not included in the SDK hence the documentation is still not updated. Am I...