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  1. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    PayPal is a SCAM

    Having used PP for some time now i have never been less than satisfied with their security , their speed and service . Were it not for PP getting paid for work done was time consuming and with Checks from outside North America a total PITA, with PP what took weeks takes but a minute...
  2. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    3DS Max; Creation of Ambient Occlusions

    A further fly in the ointment is most of the AO you see on the FS market is done with Vray's Rendering Engine added to 3DS , with Max strait up one can do the light mapping well enough but adding primary and secondary bounces , dirt or Occlusion is pretty much always Vray. An option can be to...
  3. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSXA Shadowing Question

    Those come from using the mirror tool instead of the dropdown modifier. Resetting the parts orientation by resetting the transform on the part can often fix that.
  4. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    AAR Refueling

    The process of refuelling is possible through sim connect, both expert mode and easy as well , For the Milviz F15 the AI tanker is available anywhere and follows procedures to the letter, all parts including the drone, contact, fuel door and animation of the various assemblies were accurately...
  5. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSXA GMAX Hose Animation

    Doing Boned animations gets easy once you see what your working on, hit f4 so the mesh is visible Use the weight tool to reset the level of influence each bone has on its set of vertex and that of the next ones in the chain, powerful tool for making adjustments quickly. Adding...
  6. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    Arne Bartels' Traffic Radar XML

    Many Thanks to all concerned , I noticed it first thing this morning with delight when posting the files at Avsim, read through the kit , great to see and thanks for putting it into the public domain so we can be sure to see it used widely . Best CJ
  7. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX [Q]using skinned animation

    Dont forget to tag the material checkbox as well, if the material isnt set the animations wont work , ingame the advanced animations checkbox needs to be on. Best CJ PS Make sure that the cfg has an exits section completed if your using doors for the tag ( especially for 3 / 4 ) PPS ...
  8. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX Install SDK without FSX?

    Model conversion , referring to model converterX
  9. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX Install SDK without FSX?

    During the setup process i installed MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 , a required runtime and wasnt sure it was in the W7 os , i tried to cover all the bases having wired 2 new hp W7 computers into the network over the holiday period due to post Xmas deals too good to ignore at tiger direct. I...
  10. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX Install SDK without FSX?

    It worked fine , the last thing i thought might work did work , too bad i tried it last i tried last...
  11. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX Install SDK without FSX?

    Have another option i discovered that works , after having tried the other methods , regedit, folder location i decided to install from disk, just the 3 SDK exe`s in sequence , rtm from the delux disk one and Accell with 1a and sp2. To my utter astonishment max booted up perfectly with...
  12. Chuck Jodry VJPL


    Its an annoyance i fix by loading the default ui and then running the mstools script to get the tools back on the tool bar , it fills up again only to be redone. I figured it was because there are two startup toolsets from different sdk`s in the startup plugins folder , being they all work i...
  13. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    GMax XRefs

    Those are hard to remove and simple cloning won't work to rid oneself of an Xref What does the trick is to select the polys in subobject mode and clone those, i often hit the shift key and move the selected poly's a mm using the transform type in, name the new part and move it back into...
  14. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    Timed visibility code

    While said with tounge in cheek one might opt to put a bone on each side of the tank and flatten it in the last frame so it can fit in the smallest of spaces. Or not ...
  15. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    Using a model as an effect

    Hi Robert , could you more fully explain what is or isnt happening upon export?. Model Complexity is generally not the limiting factor , texture vertex are, above 320,000 things go south and welding your way through the parts in uvw unwrap editor can reduce those. To break up a model...
  16. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX P3D SDK 3DS Max Tools Updated, Max2011 support

    Their Developer Network Program's 10 bucks a month might be the price of admission, a reasonable price to get access to the tool set, save time bouncing / converting and annoying material property bugs that get inherited following loading back versioned files. At all events a sound investment ...
  17. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    FSX P3D SDK 3DS Max Tools Updated, Max2011 support

    Thats some good news , the models i am getting lately are being built and baked in Max 2011 and being " Biff'd " back to 9 or into a .3DS for processing. Now i can update to 2011 & Vray 2, i noted that the updated dll's were out in April , we aint enough paying attention to P3D, thanks Tim...
  18. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    vc symmetry

    While exceptions abound the transform type in is another way to ensure the original parts pivot point is 0 0 0 , once the hierarchy dropdown is open and pivot selected with move active , typing 0 0 0 in the fields will place the original objects pivot dead center of the " World " , when you...
  19. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    What is that program that converts Gmax to Max format?

    You are thinking blender there i believe , when you open a .mdl with that it does break everything up into draw calls , it's a most useful tool for studying frame buffer loads to optimized and reassemble your projects, in the case of "scraps " you can generally attach them to something with the...
  20. Chuck Jodry VJPL

    What is that program that converts Gmax to Max format?

    " Back From Five " BFF is a tool to convert Maxfiles into versions that can open with earlier versions of Max preserving the animations , there were problems associated with part names in fs9 being too long for the scripts 8 character limit. .3DS files take seconds to produce and open in all...